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  1. akaseo

    [Guide] DA 70 | Do-Follow Authority Link | Good Parasite | Indexes Too :)

    1. Go to signup here - 2. After signup verify email. 3. Go to accounts to make one - 4. After that write your keyword and choose your subdomain. 5. Then again click on create account button. 6. Then finally...
  2. SecuredNet

    [FREE] DA55 Do-Follow Backlink

    Hey everyone. 1.Visit the signup page: 2. Go to profile and account settings 3 Add a website and description if you want to 4 Index the profile url links
  3. SecuredNet

    [FREE] DA52 Do-Follow Backlink

    Hey everyone. 1.Visit the trainsim signup page: 2. Go to profile and account settings 3 Add a website and description if you want to 4 Index the profile url links
  4. SecuredNet

    [FREE] DA85 Do-Follow Backlink

    Heyho :) back again with another backlink, this one is a DA85 Do-Follow Backlink from Method: 1. Visit the 500px signup page: 2. Sign up for an account (recommend using a random or disposable email) 3. Verify your email/fill out your profile if you like 4...
  5. amanguy

    free [Do-follow] profile backlink - indexing!

    Hi all just signup and place your link . it's contextual backlink DR : 64 RD : 17k GEO : WW does it get indexed : YES
  6. amanguy

    Free [Do-follow] Contextual backlink [profile description]

    Hi all I just found this Contextual backlink and it can be indexed fast! Example (link) : DR : 57 GEO : Germany RD : 8.4k ;) Good luck
  7. razharov

    [METHOD] - DA99 D0follow developer grade backlink from

    Hey everyone! I wanna share a method, that isn't easy, we can say its kinda hard, but if you have a niche site that is in the tech niche, a developer grade DA99 d0follow backlink from apple is something you really really want. So to begin, this is the app page of Facebook APP...
  8. razharov

    [FREE DA93 BACKLINK FROM TWITCH] - D0follow backlink

    Hey everyone! Im gonna share a gaming niche backlink source, from twitch. Prove of d0follow: <a role="link" class="ScCoreLink-sc-16kq0mq-0 gZxBHd tw-link" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" href=""> <div class="Layout-sc-1xcs6mc-0 nzqFb"><div...
  9. razharov

    [Legit Redir Backlink] DA93 Contextual backlink from Google

    Hey Everyone! I'm sharing this method with you, about how you can get a safe real redirect DA93 backlink from google. All you need is an active g-mail account. Sample from reverse engineering: All you need to do is go to...
  10. razharov

    3 Free - - DA92 - PA42 - - d0follow Backlink.

    Hi! I'm sharing these 3 backlinks, you can easy get and index. Url shortened because of long post name. 1. 2. 3. All 3 should be d0follow link. Sources found via reverse engineering. Good luck.
  11. razharov

    5 easy d0follow profile backlinks - DA35-93

    Hey, if someone wants 5 d0follow profile backlinks, here are few. 1 DA35 PA28 SS1 MR2.8 2 40 30 0 3 3...
  12. razharov

    [HUGE FREE GIFT] DR70-30, 250X PBN backlink - Create your own content domains.

    Hello everyone. Today I will share a part of personal collection. This system consist 250 unique domains, where you can create your own subdomain (actually as much as you want to), so if you create 10 subdomains on each domains, that's 2500 domain refer. After you create your subdomain, you...
  13. Divisoria

    Massive of D follow Backlink Sites List (Grow your SEO for free)

    Hi BHW communities, It's me again DIvisoria, today i will share this huge list of D follow backlinks authority sites, hopefully, enjoy this huge list. PS: I'm not the owner of this list but a big shoutout to him or her (Idk the name of the owner but if he is here on bhw i will credit he/her on...
  14. freak7

    [FREE SHARE] Get %100 FREE +83 DA Backlink from

    Hello friends, First of all, if I haven't opened the topic in the right place, I ask that it be moved to the relevant place. I don't know if it has been shared before, but I wanted to inform you as I think it will be useful to the members. Today I'm going to show you how to get a free...
  15. PRExpert0826

    Free Guest Post on Google News Approved News Site

    I'm offering a free guest post on Align Weekly, a Google News Approved News Site. The site currently has a Domain Authority of 54 and a Page Authority of 34. The site currently receives little monthly traffic, but I expect that to change in the near future. However, Google will index your...
  16. Game of Squid

    [GET] (Part 2 )How to Create a DR92 Do Follow Link Indexable | Free Link Building Method 2022

    Hello BHW, What's up guys? i am going to share another free method on how to create do follow link indexable method 2022, i have seen many of you had a problem regarding on this indexable so, i will share to you guys. If you missed my 1st thread regading on Free Link Building Method DR 90...
  17. Poorboy

    How to get high-quality backlinks in exchange for quality articles?

    I created a blog 8 months back. As I am a medical student, I feel comfortable writing on different health topics. I picked some low-competition keywords and wrote quality content on them. But my site content is not ranking well. I have no money to buy backlinks. So, my site is not growing...
  18. cycoshas

    Free ******** backlink

    Hi, guys, Today, I want to share a tip with you, (excuse my English). Just found the 42DA domain(Real DA), where a free author account is available. It's Google News-approved website so you can also use it for indexing pages. it's way more powerful than I was thinking...
  19. forexuytin

    Free - Fanpage Facebook 73k Fans Post

    I have a Fanpage with 73k fans, now I dont have any plans to use it. So I will post anything for you for free ( not gambling and nude ) with your links on my fanpage. Just leave a comment here and pm me your content. I will send you the posts' link when finished.
  20. shady91

    250+ High Authority Backlinks List Sites [High DA]

    High DA authority backlinks list are one of the most dominant factors for Off-page SEO. High authority sites provides your website high authority (DA), traffic and connect users from one place to another place. These high domain authority backlinks sites are updated which help your sites to...
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