fred google recovery tips

  1. M

    EMD dropped ranks after Fred; Will 301 Redirect Save it?

    Hi all! This is my first post in Black Hat World! This is regarding the EMD Domain I have which considerably dropped it's rank after the Fred update Except the EMD part, it has excellent articles covering various aspects of the niche topic. Article length ranges from 1k-6k long with 2k being...
  2. qwertzui11

    301 to correct anchor text ratio?

    I have found a domain. A blog site, fully related to my niche. (Stories, and posts about the product I am selling.) The domain is pure clean, there was none linkbuilding ever. Having 90 live referring domains, kind of clean backlink profile. The question is: What to do next? My money site is a...
  3. G

    Quick case study, Fred Recovery by removing keyword Alt Tags

    As I already claimed several times, the Fred update is a general quality update targeted at overoptimized domains. One of the best working strategies seems to be, to reduce keyword density in general as well as keyword alt tags in special. Hereby I want to reinforce this claim, by showing the...
  4. G

    Panda 5.0 or why there is no such thing as a FRED-Update

    After seeing 100s of sites, talked to dozens of webmasters, did numerous testing and wrote some major SEO companies. I am pretty confident to say, there is no such thing as a FRED Update it is simply a major Update of the well known Panda Algo. This is basically confirmed by Sistrix, one of...
  5. unknownmehed

    My Finding after google update! What's your?

    I got huge hit by Google on 8th march. After that I have lost almost 80% google traffic. I have 190+ posts(Authority style). So, I did experiment with various posts.(Each logic applied 5-10 posts). What I did so far: 1) I removed affiliate link from first 200 words. 2) I reduced affiliate link...
  6. G

    Case Study: How the FRED update changed the linking game and how to succeed in 2017 !

    Overview: I am running a couple of Web 2.0 properties for intelligence purposes, to monitor the changes during ranking updates and adapt my link building strategies for money sites accordingly. Today, I wanna share with you some of the insights I gathered during the ranking updates on 7th...
  7. Viku

    10 Steps for Google Fred Recovery

    Let’s Jump To Main topic:- Step#1: Find how much you have affected or which page have been affected:- Simply go to analytics and check the stats of 8 march to 15 march.If you seen big drop in traffic that means you are affected. Now go to your rank tracker tool and find out for which...
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