1. Mark Eternally

    Building a Successful Online Forum

    I began a project to build a single successful online forum community, with as close to zero funding as possible. After looking at this from as many angles as I could, within reason, I decided to build a small army (maybe a platoon or company) of online forums with the hopes that at least one...
  2. el_cucuy

    ⚡ Web Druids — PREMIUM FORUM LINKS ⭐️ Aged accounts ✅ Do-Follow links ✍️ Handwritten Texts ❌ NO SPAM resources ✨ Get 1 Trial Link

    ℹ️ For other details or to place an order, you can ask directly in this thread, or contact us on the following platforms: ♦️ Skype: ♦️ Telegram: ♦️ Messenger: ♦️ WhatsApp...
  3. seo_review

    Help me guys to grow Facebook followers

    Hello, I have a Facebook profile since 5 years but still 49 Followers only. I make a post everyday but its still on 49. Need your help to grow My Facebook Profile..........
  4. M

    Forums site scarping

    Hey BHW I think you might've noticed, but whenever you create a new discussion board, the first few posts will likely be bots trying to spam the forum. My question is, how do they find the websites. An example google search for "Community platform by XenForo" doesn't really yield the result. Is...
  5. P

    Business Ideas with 500$

    You have zero friends/following but you have food, shelter,time,internet and 500$ in your bank. What you would do to make a lot of money?
  6. R4v3nbl4ck

    A simple method to get backlinks from forums or Reddit

    Not sure if common sense, but I came up with this method and I thought I'd share it. I'm sure most of you have old accounts on forums that you don't visit much anymore. Posting links and advertising is usually not allowed on forums, but what you can do is edit your old posts. Let say you have an...
  7. Kairos Vardoger

    WebTalk or MarketHive?

    Alright, so in my journey of finding new forums and other social sites to get in contact with other like-minded people, I found out about 2 GREAT PLATFORMS that you should all know about! 1. WebTalk 2. MarketHive WEBTALK: WebTalk is in my eyes the best platform to work with if you are into...
  8. ATuringtest

    Forum Wiki Blog How does Google treat them differently ?

    I'm just curious how google treats Wiki's Blog's and forums differently. Are wiki's more authoritative ? And how does google treat forum posts for Keywords - duplicate content / quotes etc. The reason I ask is I have noticed google indexes some of BHW's threads in 20 - 30 hours with say 1...
  9. Starblazer

    Silo structure vs URL length in forums

    Silo structure improves the overall site architecture but adding category in URLs slightly increases the length. This won't be a problem for wordpress sites as we can optimize the titles. But when it comes to forums, we have little control over the URL length and adding category will increase it...
  10. Vicky Rao

    Forums Links and Do Follow Comment

    I want to make some do follow forum and blog comments links in brazil. How to find some brazil language forums?
  11. gregz06

    How to Constantly Drive Forum Traffic for Free

    Holla BHW! Since I've learned on BHW way more than from Neil P or Brian D, sometimes I wake up with a feeling that I want to give back at least something. This is the technique I use to get backlinks from forums that do drive traffic. When someone says he builds links from forums, you probably...
  12. BlackCat0.0

    How To Find Blogs, Forums By Niche? — Crazy Urgent

    As per title, I wonder if anyone knows how I can find blogs and forums for a specific niche ( let’s say blogs on lawyers or some other job) and get the highest traffic ones first, in a descending order.
  13. Shion

    [ Affiliate Journey ] All kinds of traffic, beginner to -- expert

    This will probably be my most 'serious' journey so far :) never really earned a lot which is my current plan, to create a stable income. (Will create more income sources from other things in the near future) My tool-set: Google Cloud RDP free for around 6 months. Jarvee 1 Twitter account...
  14. mrdavid789

    List of working adult forums

    Hello there, I need a large list of working adult forums? Does anyone have a good list?
  15. P

    Forums Tiered Link Building

    Please anyone tell me which software is used to create this type of links. coretrax{dot}net/forum/showthread.php?tid=70526
  16. camul3

    Affiliate Promotion via Social Engineering Journey (£1000+ per month)

    Hello! Long time lurker first time poster to this forum. This is my first online money making journey! Okay so after reviewing a lot of guides on making money fast with affiliate links I have decided to implement this as my game plan for the next month or two. I am joined with Clickbank and a...
  17. BetterKnow

    MyBB vs XenForo vs vBulletin?

    Which would you pick? I'm building a small forum and expect to have 5-10 K users with 3-5 admins. Would appreciate any advice. Thank you :)
  18. A

    Whats the Best Forum Software for 2018?

    I am trying to figure out a good forum software for my Wordpress website. Can anyone recommend? It doesn't necessary need to be for wordpress. I am willing to install software onto a subfolder such as Thanks!
  19. R

    Who makes this links in forums?

    I 've seen many forums with structure like that when I watch competitors backlinks: Name of keywords images keywords '' '' top ranking sites on that keywords site link site link site link then again keywords keywords keywords then another forums sites forum link forum link forumlink I don't...
  20. J

    What's the name or link to WordPress (bbpress) forum poster?

    I am looking for the tool or software they are using to auto post on vast Bbpress forums. Thanks.
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