1. mrsmilyy

    How to do shadow stroke effect font in canva ?

    Hy everyone, I try to do shadow effect and stroke effect heavy montsserat (see image) in canva but impossible... I really need to do it in canva...someone Caen help me ? May be there is out there Montserrat Bolt font personalised with with shadow effect and stroke effect ? Thanks you in Advance
  2. mrsmilyy

    please help me to find this ? very important

    hyeveryone, i need to find theses 2 fonts the exact font please the first ...
  3. T

    The Best Font Loading Strategies and How to Execute Them

    Zach Leatherman recommends two strategies in his article: FOUT with Class – Best approach for most situations. (This works whether we use a font-hosting company or hosting our own fonts.) Critical FOFT – Most performant approach. (This only works if we host our own fonts.) Source...
  4. htoolas

    How to find games used font?

    Hi, Is there any way to find the lines used in games or applications, the lines that they use for points or gems in the game?
  5. PLennart

    How to get a premium font for free?

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to ask, if it is somehow possible to download and use premium fonts without purchasing them. What exactly would be the legal consequences if for example used on a public website? I was for example looking at fonts and saw this one: Helvetica Now Font Now I am...
  6. magicjones

    Favorite free fonts

    It's time for me to find some new free fonts for marketing. Ooh yeah. There's so many out there. What are your favorites?
  7. ep2002

    Font Finder

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I couldn't find anything on graphic web design. Anyway, I had someone create a logo for me, but the font for the name of the site isn't something I like. I have some fonts on my computer, but to go thru every single one of them to see what they look like would...
  8. M

    Driving Traffic to My Font - tips?

    Hello everyone, I think this is my first post here. I have finally uploaded my first font for sale at creative market and gumroad. I’m very grateful I have experienced few sales, but I need to generate way more traffic to my sales page. Which is the best and most effective way to do so from...
  9. EternalFun

    Can anyone share Liberator Font?

    Hi, can anyone share the Liberator font by Ryan Clark if you have? Thanks in advance!
  10. Prem1510

    Font usage

    Can i used paid fonts in my logo (image) for free in commercial purpose..?? I am newbie ..sry for poor english Thank you bhw
  11. Prem1510

    Font usage

    i downloaded paid font for free can i use use these fonts for commericial purpose.. sorry for poor english
  12. hardik9099

    Which font is this ? font detector not able to find. anyone knows?

    I want this or similar font.. anyone here knows? help, please. < image link >
  13. Kinky123

    Font That does Not Change Its Formatting

    I found few words in Google SERP I copied these words from Google and paste on Notepad. These words do not change its formatting even in SearchBar or Notepad++. Help me to identify the font or anything fizzy behind this font.
  14. Mediawiz

    Fonts/Text shows up weird

    Hey everyone, Since a few days I get these type of 'text' on a lot of places in e-mail and web. As you can see there are also normal fonts but these seems not to be rendered or so. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks.
  15. S3CRET

    Clickbait / Catchy fonts (CPA etc.)

    What are some good Clickbait/Catchy fonts for marketing? I did little research and font really matters alot, currently using "American Captain" and "Cogs And Bolts" + effects added on text which are you using? (if u are)
  16. N

    Legible font size and Viewport problem

    Desktop shows 96/100 but the mobile part is making things worse, can anyone please help me on this. The picture is below.
  17. Xp3r7

    I'm tired of empty threads/posts

    Okay, you are smart enough to know how to see this text. Now let me tell you that I have to do this almost every day, just because I'm using the Light theme. So the next time you're planning to not use the default font color and make it white instead, think about all of us who use the other...
  18. dropsy16

    [Pic] What font is this?

    I was wondering what font this was?
  19. hameem

    What is this font?

    Wondering if anyone recognizes this font? Edit: Subsonic is the man! Edit: had to replace the image file.
  20. D

    has anybody got font "Modus DT Regular"?

    hey guys... I have loads and loads of fonts, but can't find this bad boy "Modus DT Regular". have you got it?? tx
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