1. L

    FollowPlanner Errors (account flagged??)

    Hi. I'm using FollowPlanner since May. It worked very well without errors/problem, following/unfollowing 130, and liking 300. From yesterday i can't like or follow/unfollows, it reports error every time. Yesterday i spammed from my phone a lot of comment (i usually don't do that).... Do you...
  2. lebumcrimp

    Any working web based bots?

    I had endless problems with Followplanner recently so tried Instazood again but only story views function is working. Does anyone know any alternatives? Must be web based and only want like and story view function to engage with my followers to improve my engagement again. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. letuvis

    Followplanner down?

    Hello people of BHW! I cannot access followplanner.. Am I the only one? Maybe here's someone involved with the product itself?
  4. lebumcrimp

    Anyone having this problem with FollowPlanner?

    So basically my bot tries and fails to do 2 to 3 follows then doesn't do any other activity. Been like this for 3 days now just wasting money. I'm not follow blocked and the proxy seems to be fine, any ideas? I have messaged follow planner support but not had a reply yet.
  5. ForoMan

    FollowPlanner buggy AF?

    I'm trying different automation solutions to give the push to start 3 accounts I have and I want to grow, and among all FollowPlanner seemed the most optimal solution in quality / price. I am with the test time, and with the amount of bugs it is impossible for me to manage these accounts in an...
  6. T

    Are 4G Proxies the only option for Instagram?

    I'm running into so many problems with proxies. I'm new to all of this so maybe I'm just doing something wrong. I'm basically trying to run a bot on 1-3 IG accounts through FollowPlanner. I'm told that HighProxies aren't good so I'm trying to find an alternative. These are my personal accounts...
  7. T

    I think I've figured out my bot process, is this viable?

    Hello BHW - new user here. I've been lurking for a long time. I think I've figured out my process for Instagram and Twitter growth. To start, I only want to work on building 1 or 2 Instagram accounts and 1 Twitter account (all my personal accounts). I'm a Mac user so I'm going to use...
  8. J

    Automating Instagram accounts question

    Hey guys if I were to use followplanner or jarvee or whatever bot to only post viral pictures without following and unfollowing would that make botting multi accounts safer? As IG would think my accounts are real ?
  9. J

    Challenge required.. when trying to add new accounts to bot

    Hey guys im using followplanner and everytime i try and connect a aged or new IG account it keeps saying challenge required. any help would be great thanks
  10. KraftyKyle

    [MUST READ] Top 5 Instagram Threads of 2018!

    If you're going to start investing your time in Instagram for the start of 2019, hopefully this thread makes that process a lot less painful. These threads are (IMHO) the most helpful Instagram threads from 2018! I was hoping to make a top 10 post, but unfortunately there weren't that many...
  11. S

    FollowPlanner vs Jarvee

    Which one is better and why?
  12. f1ndm3h

    FollowPlanner vs GMT2 vs Jarvee

    Hey guys, I am sure that this discussion has been done multiple times before, so apologies if double posting. I haven't found a proper matrix table however that compares all these bots. My main question however is: Any Advantages of FollowPlanner over GMT2? I am using FollowPlanner for a...
  13. Jerone


    Is it me or is followplanner really buggy? A lot of their features are errors right now. The post settings dont even work. its annoying. I cant post. and on top of that the Customer Service is hard core LAGGING.
  14. johnhustle007

    Holy sh*t I didn’t know this... [IG follow block fixed]

    I rarely run IG accounts myself because I like to outsource that to someone else while I work on marketing. On my free time I Ike to setup accounts and test cpa offers before scaling or just use them as fan pages to funnel traffic to a main page. Here’s what I figured out today while an...
  15. johnhustle007

    Is there a tool, that can scrap the followers/following who doesn’t engagement with your page?

    I want to unfollow people who’s not engaging with my content on one of my accounts vs unfollow everyone. Can jarvee do this?
  16. johnhustle007

    How many IG accounts can you run on a 4 core + 4 GB VPS with Jarvee?

    How many IG accounts can you run on a 4 core + 4 GB VPS with Jarvee?
  17. elias880810

    How much time is needed to get 5k or 10k followers?

    Hello friends, I would like to know how much time it takes to get to 5k or 10k of followers in Instagram using jarvee or followplanner?
  18. johnhustle007

    Static Residential IP or Normal Proxies and why?

    Hey gang, What are you using to manage your Instagram accounts Static Residential Proxy or Normal Proxies?
  19. Gial

    need your quick help and knowledge

    please ,nobody answer from the assistance of followplanner(from 5 days) i need help i used jarvee with no issues months ago ,i switched to fp because of the price,but i have had only problems. i would like to know why my accounts don t follow the people i set (as shown on the first picture)but...
  20. Gial

    i need your help

    hi,hope to get an answer after i open 2 tickets,wrote 2 times to igking,opened 3 thread on ascend viral. i use followplanner.Why my accounts get constantly followblock?aged ones and new ones ,withthe softest warm up settings? I have changed 3 proxies all get followblock thanks
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