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  1. anisbk94

    How to rank a comment on a facebook post with a blackhate way

    I noticed that there is no one sell comments likes and replies, I think its an important way to expose your self to traffic
  2. Instaboy85


  3. I

    Instagram Growth

    Looking for help with growth for a local business. Open to any methods that don't risk the account being banned/shadowbanned. Please DM if you can offer services. Thanks!
  4. fxmanaged

    Posting More or Less Times a Day?

    I think I read here or on Reddit that a few people had mentioned that IG shadowbans you or decreases your engagement/growth if you post "a lot." Some people have suggested 3x a day is now the "optimal" number, but one guy even said that his growth accelerated by cutting things down to 1 post a...
  5. B

    Bit of a noob question here

    Hello all, So I am creating an Instagram page for a niche service. The page will help create awareness and advertising for my services later on. - So I was wondering whether I should use SMM services to get a head start on the page (like the first 100 - 300 followers) just so that I don't...
  6. fxmanaged

    Less Hashtags...More Followers?

    We were using 20-25 randomly selected hashtags from a group of 300+ in the post captions for a while until June 28th. We stopped using any tags on two of our accounts on that date (June 28th) and then added them back again on July 10th. Right when we stopped using the tags, the daily...
  7. L

    how do some accounts suddenly get more than 100k real followers?

    I have been watching some accounts suddenly gain a lot of real followers, like suddenly become "famous". And I wonder how they did it. Here are things they have in common: 1. they do not use hashtags (not in post caption or comment area) 2. they don't do follow/unfollow (they only have 150-350...
  8. HughMiller

    How many followers should I gain per month with posting 2-3 days a week.

    I have a client who has chosen a very low plan for growth, posting 1 post 2-3 days a week, engaging only 2-3 days a week, with no stories. They're not happy about their slow rate, but for the life of me I can't figure out what a good growth rate should be in this situation. I'd like to have...
  9. littleone

    Instagram followers

    Hello bhw . I recently opened a new instagram travel account. the username and description are a bit catchy but nothing extraordinary. and now with 0 posts and 0 profile picture i keep reciving followers. is this normal ? i checked the accounts and they seem ok no bot or whatsoever. im worried...
  10. Iron Sheik

    Instagram Followers DISAPPEAR, Jarvee Issue?

    Hey Black Hat World, I have encountered another issue that may or may not be related to Jarvee. Last week, a client's account with 3,200 followers suddenly lost 80 followers--all at the same time. I thought this may have been because my client worked with another Instagram growth service...
  11. black yeezy

    How to gain real or high engagement followers on Ins?

    Hey guys, happy new year to everyone(maybe it's a little late :) These days, I have been working on an Ins account which was established two weeks ago. For this account, we want to gain followers by posting beautiful pictures, so that we can promote our products in the future. And I have also...
  12. I

    Instagram Growth Expert

    Seeking an Instagram growth expert to help with our agency in growing client accounts. Accounts are mainly focused in the food industry (restaurants and bars - both local, regional and national chains). Main task would be to increase followers and engagement on 10+ accounts. Methods must be...
  13. Tatu kh

    How to get free Twitter Followers

    Is there any ways to get free Twitter followers. I tried every method I find on youtube and they are not working.
  14. elias880810

    How much time is needed to get 5k or 10k followers?

    Hello friends, I would like to know how much time it takes to get to 5k or 10k of followers in Instagram using jarvee or followplanner?
  15. imonboss

    [IS] this really possible?

    Is this really possible to bulk upload the insta username to some tools or bots and follow them from there? I was thinking of filtering specific group of people(based on their social activity) to follow and having such way could be pretty amazing!
  16. I

    Is buying Twitter followers and trying to get verified a no no?

    Hi there! So as the question stands above, would I be shooting myself in both feet if I attempted this stunt? If i do try something like this then I should probably do it after some time has passed and I've amassed some organic followers yes? Thanks for reading!
  17. BotMe

    Insane Instagram Growth! {Question}

    So about every other month I see an account blow up very quickly and then I’m a few days they shut down. 9/10 times these accounts are scam accounts pretending to be some popular brand that everyone seems to be into. Usually these accounts promote some type of offer usually involving money or...
  18. DaveyBHS

    Growing a Facebook page

    About a week ago I started a new Facebook page to learn more about growing a social media account. So I picked my niche and gathered quite a bit of 'viral content' from several other pages I was following within my niche. I planned on doing about 2 posts a day and boosting each post with...
  19. D

    How to build a fanbase off a twitter dominator

    I'm an upcoming artist and I really need some help trying to setup a campaign for building a solid fanbase on twitter trying to get the followers up and hopefully I can work my way up to like Facebook and Instagram
  20. TheSupremax

    Small instagram account

    Hello, I have a women posting- related instagram account with a small follower pool of 2.8k. I am looking for ways to climb up from here, would it be wise to trade shout outs at this point? Any advice given is helpful!