1. I

    [METHOD] Flipping underrated ens domains

    Hi BHW Members, this is a method that I'll no longer use since it takes time & I already found ways to make same results much faster. Enjoy! Requirements: 1- Money in Etheruem (sorry you have to invest on this one, something like 2-5ETH depending on what you're flipping) 2- Time (you need to...
  2. xEssence

    How do I sell a very specific domain name to a certain person?

    Hello all, I have come into the ownership of a very specific domain name relating back to a YouTuber/Twitch streamer of a fairly larger size (Almost 1 Million Subs on YouTube and 650k twitch followers (500k USD from twitch subs alone according to the database leak from awhile ago!)). The domain...
  3. M

    Instagram flipping question

    Everyone buys established accounts and flips them. What if I want to start an account from scratch? is that viable? should it be a personal or a business page? what are the best niches to grow fast??
  4. R

    [REQ] Does anyone have instagram acc for sale 50-250k or do you know any group or platform?

    Does anyone have instagram acc for sale 50-250k or do you guys know any group or platform i can use to buy one? Thank You!!
  5. Oreos Are Bae

    Fliping money

    Just wanted to ask a question and clear up for anyone that had questions about the same thing I had I have about 1k to invest into right maybe more if need be the max I would want to invest would be 1500 but has anyone bought anything from anyone on bhw that they could honestly say fliped...
  6. M

    How to find Expired domain

    Hello, I am new in flipping sites can anyone tell me how to find expired domains that are Google news approved. Is there a specific software other than Domcop to find these types of domians. Suggestions will be highly apperciated Thanks
  7. free

    where to flip your app?

    Are there any alternative app flipping sites other than Flippa? Which one do you prefer for sell both iOS / Android apps and games.
  8. KJREDDY247@

    4 letter domains

    are they still valuable, i mean about the 4 letter top TLD domains? .com, .net and .org
  9. KJREDDY247@

    .info, .org, .online advice

    I have some domains with extensions. online , .info , .org where there other tld of the same names .com, .biz, and .net are at premium prices to buy. So, is it worth to keep them for some days and sell it later, or good to sell it now?
  10. KJREDDY247@

    Any free listing services to sell domains?

    I have bought some good domains( at least I feel they are good because I bought them ;)) Is there any platforms available to list them and sell them for free.
  11. kakbabu

    Not getting sufficient bid for new amazon niche website.

    I have seen on flippa that website making $10-20 per month fetch good money than to sell a new website. How long do you expert think that a new well researched Amazon niche website with premium design and content will take to make $10-$20 per month?
  12. Makemeproguys

    Website flipping question!

    Alright guys I am a noob trying to learn and get into flipping websites and I want to know that can this model will work on flippa? 1:Make a website 2:Make it generate $100 sales per month by family and friends. 3: promote for free and send real organic traffic. 4:After 3 months put it on sale...
  13. deBling

    Domain name for dropshipping - DMCA problem

    Hi, I found a website with airmax name that has been droped, and i want to restore and flip. Its aged 4-5 years domain, but i am scare for DMCA complain from NIKE. Ii is a good idea to sell on flippa without complain ?
  14. nattyking

    Amazon FBA Used Book Flipping Analysis

    Hello BHW, occasional lurker here. I've just started my journey running a used book FBA flip scheme. For the uninitiated there is already a lot of information out there on this. This method is essentially no more complicated than sourcing used books and having Amazon fulfill them to customers...
  15. Harold Bacon

    Finding site owner

    Hi everyone. I just want to ask if there is any other tips in finding website owner name and email besides in going to the whois tab on each domain registrar? Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Optic88

    [Guide] MAKE MONEY Selling Domain Names

    Finding domain names are hard? It?s 2015 and MOST domain names are taken! That is what I thought too, until I found a few awesome tools. Now finding quality domain names takes MINUTES In the videos below I show you how to find high quality domains names.
  17. B

    Help>> Newbie in Site Flipping

    Hello everyone, im trying to build a website and flip it, who can give me advice on things i should know more. i dont know how to use hostgator, just sold a hosting.
  18. R

    what's the best site for selling sites?

    I went to flippa to post a site for sale, but I didnt realize they charge almost $30 just to post. I don't want to do that if the site doesn't end up selling or sells for less than 30 what would you recommend?
  19. V

    Anyone wanna sell my sites and share profits ??

    Hi I need someone to sell my sites on flippa or anywhere else and share profits 50/50 with me. I am also ok for domain sale. I have following sites - DISCUSS THE SITES WITH THE SELLER, THIS ISNT A MARKETPLACE I am going through some money crunch so do not want to put money in listing them...
  20. N

    new to SEO. flip or not to flip

    I would first of all like to say hi to you all since this is my first post (of many I hope). SEO seems to be more and more popular so I decided that it would be fun to try to rank a few sites and lean. Yesterday I stumbled upon a EMD keyword that has over 100'000 Global exact matches...
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