1. underground-rap

    How can I fix a hacked WordPress site? (Elementor Pro issue + Chinese SEO Hack)

    Hello there, so I have a client that fcked up his clients site by installing nulled Elementor Pro. Now the Meta and even the homepage show a different page in chinese langauge. So it's the chinese WP Hack. I want to fix it for him but might run into some issues. I was thinking if there are some...
  2. Svz111

    Fix a problem or buy a new Smm panel

    hi i have smm perfectpanel All is well But there is a problem when paying I have 4 payment gateways 1- Paypal 2- Coinbase 3- coinpayments 4-payer Paypal works without problems when paying and charging the balance without any problems, everything is automatic But 2 3 4 After payment, the...
  3. hazzi

    Fixing already existing Adsense??

    I’m trying to sign up for monetisation on YouTube but always get an email saying i have a existing Adsense account. The problem is i have no clue what the email is and don’t know what to do. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Damian Uzcanga

    Problem with time between activities (followliker)

    Greetings friends of BHW , I write this post , to know if I am the only one affected , in the general settings , I place 22-28 Minutes , and the Followliker performs the activity in 3-6 Minutes (ignoring the time limit set by me) this happens after the update , I would like to know if only I...
  5. KJREDDY247@

    Unable to type anything in Alexa, Edge and Skype Search Fields

    Hi, I am using windows 10 PC. Recently i did some changes in my registry files or something when some issues occurred in my pc, i don't even remember what changes i did. I did as per some random online guide. But after that My search fields typing feature is not working seems like its disabled...
  6. snrpro

    Instagram Error - Sorry there was a problem with your request (Fix / Solution)

    So apparently there's this vague error on IG "Sorry there was a problem with your request" that doesn't let you sign in from your mobile device and that's the only message it gives you when trying to login. I tried a lot of options and nothing worked and then came across a YouTube video that had...
  7. The 420 Company

    Disabled Insta account, PM if you can help.

    Payment will be sent via Paypal after the account has been reactivated. PM me for details. I need this fixed fairly quickly so let me know if you can be of assistance. Thanks, Devin
  8. beastkay

    Google Search Console - Index Coverage Issues - How to fix them?

    How should I fix them what will be the ways to fix them asap! I've started the validations. Can I do anything else other than waiting?
  9. KJREDDY247@

    Can someone let me what is this error: A PHP Error was encountered ???

    Hi, When i opened my website it is showing an error as follows in attached image, can someone let me know what does it mean exactly? and can i fix it myself or should i contact someone who know php coding? ( i don't have much knowledge of coding ) [ A PHP Error was encountered Severity...
  10. henryhuy

    Account issue [ Phone verification => Email confirmation=> Actionrequire=>disaccount]

    Near day,Some Account got the issue: Phone verification => Email Confirmation=>Actionrequire=>Dis account. Anyone else got the same problem ? and how to fix this or recovery ?
  11. faisalmaximus

    Guaranteed Boost Up of Your Website's Loading Speed to Rank Higher in Google [70% Discount]

  12. LordTony

    Can't upload videos to Instagram Stories

    Hey guys, so, I've been having this issue since a couple of days ago, suddenly I couldn't upload any videos to Instagram Stories. Meanwhile, that same video uploads just fine on other accounts logged in on that same app. It happens only with videos, pictures work fine. The error says "Can't...
  13. fb3003

    correct way to fix your over optimized backlink ratio?

    Greetings - Assume that you have over-optimized your backlinks for one of your keywords. what is the best way to fix this? [1] go back and change few of the backlink and make it something generic of brand name, OR [2] leave the backlink as it is, and create more backlinks using generic and/or...
  14. letmesleep

    fix video website speed for mobile phone users

    I have one site and adding videos from YouTube to in my site ... When visitors open my site video from desktop system so video work fast and quickly play ... And when mobile users open any video from my site so take little time to play ... How I can fix this issue ? Am I using bad hosting ...
  15. H

    How can I bypass Audio Copyright on YouTube?

    I have problem with Audio of my video. I upload it on Youtube and it was blocked worldwide. please help me. I don't want remove audio from my video. Many thank...:)
  16. M

    Youtube Help Please ?

    I uploaded a video on last month so the video was rank on youtube and daily I'm getting 500 views to video total around 7,500 more views so today I went to check my video statistics and my account was suspended only one video on my channel I lost my ranked video :( "my ppd traffic" why they...
  17. S

    Facebook Page Rename Help

    Hello friends, who can help me, Facebook page rename was fixed for instanse this way when i edit brower proxy and after this in page admin panel Appear Translate arabict and instal element ... Is there another way? Pls help me
  18. djpabloh

    Minimum Purchase in Goddady WTF! [Fixed]

    I'm triying to buy an .com domain and get this error: With a coupon: "cjcRMN199" can get a domain for 2,15$ without problems :D
  19. K

    Need Wordpress Help - Posts not showing

    Hello everyone I have a Wordpress website and today, just like my luck, all my posts in every category does not want to show. Yesterday it was still working fine. Can anyone give me a suggestion as to what I can do to fix the problem? I have cleared my website cache. The theme I am using is a...
  20. G

    Quick quide me to fix my blogger template for $5

    Hello, I got my blog template at Simplexdesign (google for it) name Simplexbuzz But the author didn't bother to fix this one issue which actually works in his demo, but not in the template he give to download: it's them missing image show of each post. If you know how to fix this, please guide...
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