1. powbow

    Introduction // My Past // Hungry for success

    Hey guys, what's up. I'm powbow, I'm 20 years old turning 21 very soon. I've been lurking on this website for something like 4 years and I've learned a lot since I first joined and I've now decided that I'm ready to start building a good reputation for myself + find a partner(s) to work together...
  2. The MOOK

    World's First Trillionaire

    I read somewhere that by the year 2050 the world will have seen its first trillionaire. Their net worth being almost twice the US annual defence budget, some think that this "person" would be considered an international threat. Hypothetically thinking how much power and influence do you think...
  3. Zenta

    Hello BHW, my name is Zenta, and in a serious help.

    TL;DR : Got diagnosed with schizophrenia 1 and a half year ago, cant work anymore, live on wellfare which is foodmoney. Trying to find a solid way to get 10$/day working at home. I've been lurking thorugh this site for several years, never posted, I read it because it was entertaining, I could...
  4. MayhemMarketing007

    8 Methods For Generating FU Money Investing In Cryptocurrency for 2019

    If you’ve been searching for ways to earn money while investing in cryptocurrency, this might be the right thread for you. If you're happy with the mediocrity that comes with keeping your fiat locked up in a bank generating 0.02% annual earnings......go ahead and skip this thread. This ain't for...
  5. IlyesPoke

    Which domain of engineer ?

    Hello everyone, I am 17 years old and tomorrow I have to choose what I would do next year. I hesitate between becoming a financial engineer, aerospace engineer, or data science and artificial intelligence engineer... What would you recommend?
  6. G

    Journey from Disbelief to Greatness

    Hi, So my journey is going to be a little different. In my life (and through various self help teachings) I've found that my beliefs precede my reality. And I've known this for a year or two and have successfully applied this knowledge to areas of my life such as relationships and fitness and...
  7. vivek.verma

    Please Help :( Need to arrange my college fees

    Am a daily active user of BHW, I have tried a lot of methods like uploading porn videos, making blogs on micro niche etc etc. Unable to earn money from internet :( Now I have to arrange my college fees. Family financial conditions are not so good after loosing my father :( Please help me out...
  8. G

    Investment / Wealth Management Firm Affiliate Partnership

    Would anyone be interested in becoming an affiliate partner with an American wealth management firm? I recently came aboard as Director of Operations for a wealth management firm in the US. We have some partnerships with accountants, insurance people, etc., but we don't really have any kind of...
  9. M

    Ranking Websites in The Financial Niche

    Hey guys, Is ranking websites in the financial niche is the same as any other niche? I've done some keyword research and found a couple of valuable keywords in the finance niche. One keyword gets +10,000 US searches per month, CPC $3, High Adwords competition and the competition in the first...
  10. V

    Tons of $$$ for anyone with reach in the financial industry

    Hey everyone, long time reader of BHW but have never posted before. Hope that doesn't discourage some of you! I make thousands a day promoting other companies stocks. In fact, my biggest client spends $35,000 a day in PPC alone. My job is to get as many interested buyers as possible to look...