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    Would anyone be interested in becoming an affiliate partner with an American wealth management firm?

    I recently came aboard as Director of Operations for a wealth management firm in the US. We have some partnerships with accountants, insurance people, etc., but we don't really have any kind of direct referral agreements with normal affiliates. No one does it, but I want us to be innovative and use every method we can to build our client base. I know BHW has some really intelligent, powerful people and I want to work with you.

    I just want to find out if there's an interest out there for creating affiliate partnerships with some of you. Here's what I'd be able to offer:
    We're a fee-only firm, meaning we don't sell investment products or other bullshit, we're not like Edward Jones. We simply take a 1% fee on AUM (assets under management) for our clients. For example, for a normal $1,000,000 client let's say, our yearly fee would be $10,000 (1%). For a $500,000 client, it would be $5,000. $250,000, $2,500.

    As with our other partnerships, we'd split fees with you for every client you refer to us. We do everything including investment advising, retirement planning, 401(k) management, life insurance, third-party asset management, and business-related 401(k) management. Anything you can refer to us, we'll compensate you for.

    Shoot me a PM or feel free to ask me any questions you'd like.

    I'd rather not post the name of our firm here publicly, but we're located in the southern US and we're licensed in every state. We're small enough that we can give every client personal attention and build a real relationship between clients and adviser, but big enough that we're able to do anything in the financial world and do it well.

    Thanks for reading and hope everyone has a great day!