Tons of $$$ for anyone with reach in the financial industry


Jun 14, 2011
Hey everyone, long time reader of BHW but have never posted before. Hope that doesn't discourage some of you!

I make thousands a day promoting other companies stocks. In fact, my biggest client spends $35,000 a day in PPC alone. My job is to get as many interested buyers as possible to look at their stock and company site. My performance is then based off of the volume of trades in any given day. The more people who are trading the stock, the more money I make and the more money my clients spend.

So, why am I on here? I'm looking for fresh ideas and new talent to partner with. Whether you run a niche site, can post for me on financial blogs/forums, whatever it is, I'm interested.

I just landed a brand new client that I will start marketing this coming Monday. I'll be starting with PPC/email but am looking for any other ideas or help. I'll pay you well for your time and this could potentially lead to a VERY prosperous relationship.
You can't receive PM's yet, so I will post here. I am HIGHLY INTERESTED....pick me :)
I am a marketing specialist full time for a company, for them I run and manage their adwords, places, ppc, website, traffic and Page Ranking..etc. Last year alone I brought in over $200k in new business. Looking for a new opportunity that will pay better! Email me - 360 Marketing Pros at gmail. Show me the money- I will show you the work !!!
Thanks for the quick reply! I'll shoot you an email tomorrow. I'm leaving the office for the night so anyone else who replies, I'll circle back tomorrow!

Thanks again!
I have an solid idea which i am using for my clients..if you can please add me in skype-shubhadip.chatterjee007 we can discuss.Thanks
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