1. Uday Singh

    How do I earn from filesharing sites?

    Hi, I have some useful content and I don't want to share it for free, but I want to earn through clicks from sites like MediaFire. Please suggest some file-sharing websites and their methods of monetization through pay-per-click. Also, please share the website you used or are currently...
  2. O

    Site similar to

    Hello Guys , i would like to ask you if someone can help me where i can find a script like openload , streamango . Thanks OnlineTech19
  3. PowerKnipser

    Best Filehoster to earn money with?

    Which filehosters are legit and pay the best rates for tier 1 country downloads? Thanks in advance :)
  4. F

    PayPal Filesharing and Adult

    Hi, do any body knows a method paymant that accpets filesharing and adult sites I am tired to fight with paypal eveythime they discover my websites activities, I had the perfect system to hide my sites but is easy to make mistakes, they, they cat you! I need please credit card and debit card...
  5. D

    Someone here using oxishare script?

    Need some help with modifications and wonder if someone here use oxishare scipt????
  6. Q

    What are the best PPD network that pay via Paypal

    I am looking for good PPD networks that pay via Paypal. There are numerous websites devoted to sharing user-posted software which I have been wanting to use PPD links on.
  7. phobia2381

    File Sharing - Leaking On BHW Question?

    Lets say I share a WP Plugin on a WP Template on here in the members download section as long as I give a virusscan link can I give a link with my filehost that I use for pp on here to download. Or are there rules only links to mediafire download? I couldn't find a answer sorry if this was a...
  8. B

    [ANNOUNCE] CoinUploads - File storage and sharing for Bitcoin

    Hello BHW community, We just started a new service today: coinuploads dot_com. You can store and share files for bitcoin. No registration needed. It's a great alternative to rapidshare. All feedback is appreciated. We are looking for JV / Business partner to monetize the website. Just PM me.
  9. J

    Nobody uses Torrent anymore... Wheres the filesharing section?

    Hey Blackhaters, I was wondering why there's no filesharing section. I would say that you can earn good money with it. What do you think?
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