How do I earn from filesharing sites?

Uday Singh

Regular Member
Dec 14, 2020

I have some useful content and I don't want to share it for free, but I want to earn through clicks from sites like MediaFire.
Please suggest some file-sharing websites and their methods of monetization through pay-per-click.

Also, please share the website you used or are currently using to earn, and I would appreciate it if you could share the process from registration to monetization. I am completely new to this.
Don’t bother with these schemes bro. This is 2012 BHW tactics to make money.
I understand but I have the option to access the content either through a paid subscription or by sharing it for free with ads. If I choose the first option, I may not have many buyers, so I'm considering looking for file-sharing sites where I can earn money through ads for free.

I have some ideas for it and would like to work with you about it. How much traffic do you get?
This is the performance data from one of my sites over the past 3 months.


Guide you what?
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these dont work nowadays
Maybe those sites are still earning good profits, and I'm sure they are earning through the same means.
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