1. Waynetimi

    Please How Can I Unlock MediaFire files with password

    {Help} Please, I need assistance I really need a trick on how to get media files that is encrypted with password
  2. C

    Going to start a movie download site ! Give me some idea please !

    Hello BHW As i said i am going to start a movie download site ! I just made 15 mediafire account for it and i saw 10gb upload free there so its from 150gb storage i am starting ! I hope to use sites like adfly to the download link And i am going to start with WordPress. looking for a...
  3. rpkrocks

    30 days moneyback guarantee is a joke - Mediafire pro SCAM

    So i purchased mediafire pro(mediafire pro scam) yesterday and I wasn't aware of how much bandwidth they provide to individual pro accounts as they didn't show that on call to action page.I was thinking that if i got something wrong i can ask for a refund since mediafire was quiet reputable in...
  4. wyattjozwowski

    How to find the most popular downloads from mediafire or rapidshare

    How can someone go about finding the most popular downloads from free sharing sites like mediafire or rapidshare... I'm trying to find popular downloads that people are searching for, but I have no idea where to look. I'm trying to find these popular downloads to use with this method...
  5. E

    Mediafire deletes my files

    Hey guys! I've tried to upload a password protected rar file to mediafire to use with Youtube but it has been deleted a few days later. Is it their new security system?
  6. ollie9009

    Mediafire is DEAD!

    I use Mediafire to host my files (whilst using YouTube) - they seem to have cracked down on RAR/ ZIP files that are password protected. They encrypt the files after just 10 downloads/ remove them. Is the only way out of this to pay for mediafire? Also what are the best free alternatives? Do...
  7. snakeccc

    Good script for starting site like MediaFire?

    Hello :) I'm looking for a good script so I can start site similar to MediaFire? I've been searching Google and found lots of scripts but i need your opinions :) Where can I find a really good script ? I know that best option for me is to make my own script but first I need to know is there...
  8. A

    Highest converting method for PPD and youtube?

    Hey BHW members, I have recently gotten into to PPD and youtube, where I just upload a vid and link to a file the viewer wants,-->then they fill out survey and get the file. However, I have been having really low conversions, as only a fraction the people who click my links actually fill out the...
  9. masush300

    mediafire **File Blocked for Violation** small solution

    hello every body i always heard about people here at BHW in many post saying "link not working" "link broken" "plz reupload again" some time the file really blocked but most of the time I noticed that the link is not broken nor removed by the staff of many site which provide service like...
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