What are the best PPD network that pay via Paypal


Feb 5, 2014
I am looking for good PPD networks that pay via Paypal. There are numerous websites devoted to sharing user-posted software which I have been wanting to use PPD links on.
i suggest cpagrip for your first choice but everyone is different and converts different test a few of them and see
i would suggest cleanfiles too. if you want i can pm you my referal link
Cleanfiles and sharecash both pay via paypal. Astrocash and Dreamcash too pay through paypal. In all of them sharecash ash always convert better for me
I'd recommend Cleanfiles as the owner is a member here, or Fileice and Sharecash. They're all very trusted.
I'd advice you to go with FileIce. Support is really fast, payments are never late & they offer them thru paypal also.
check out dollarupload for a bunch of diff payment options
Cleanfiles. All PPDs have the same offers but Cleanfiles has the best landers which means you'll get higher conversions.
cleanfiles for real? I don't know what happens but my account is gone (maybe because inactive ;-)) Now i have verified my domain.... and now i need to wait until cleanfiles have approved my application. I have not enter a url for the app... LOL the app is not even uploaded.

Congratulations! Your application is now complete. You should receive a welcome email from us within 24 hours (if your application is approved).

now i get it, they need to approve my account and that is called a application? Roger that! ;-)
In my opinion FatFile org is the best!!
- Never delay payments.
- Min 5$ payout
- 24/7 support ( VERY FAST RESPONSE )
- Staff memers always will help you on any problem.
can Any one tell me how to make post on this forum i am new in this forum. I just want to know that is there any cpa newtwork accept the application without website.I don't have server. But i have the traffic from pinterest, youtube, fb fan page etc.
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