1. Akinyande ayo

    I need a developer to fix database and WP files issues

    Hi mates, My web host moved sites to another server, and my site database and WordPress files got corrupted. I need a developer to help fix this and hook it up, I'm having a budget of $10 for this.
  2. Leader777

    Any software to change the hash of a file

    Can you link me to a software that change the hash of files like pictures and videos. Thanks a lot :)
  3. kurosaki4d

    Remove special characters from filenames

    Hello Guys, I have a website that i transfered recently from one host to another. Unfortunately when i did that, i noticed that all the images that had special characters in it lik (é, è, à, ...) weren't showing anymore in my pages. I'm trying to resolve to this issue. I'm thinking maybe if i...
  4. TBolts20

    [Mini Guide] Easily move files from VPS to Mac Book

    Hello friends, I was looking to copy a file from my windows VPS to my Mac Book earlier today and it wouldnt work. I use my VPS for Jarvee and was trying to move some information I had scraped in order to use it in excel. I ended up finding a nice easy way to do it creating a shared folder...
  5. ShiningWarrior

    My Windows is f#cked up OR I still don't know how to use?!

    Hey, I'm embarrassed but can't find a solution of this silly thing. I am on Win 10. Now, I'm trying to get a folder archived into RAR which has tons and tons of audio files each approx 4-5 mb or such. So, I tried to see the total size but getting multiple sizes each time. I saw the properties...
  6. ShiningWarrior

    Does compression deteriorates the file quality?

    Hi, I am having two issues on this: 1) I wanted to archive some of the audio files and each file is about 5-6 mb and the total size of all the audio files is 160 GB. So, I tried to archive the folder using 7-zip and 160 GB came out to be 2 GB? Weird. 2) Suppose there are a bunch of folders and...
  7. bbbb bbbb

    I need some TOP SECRET FILES....

    Im trying to dive into the Extraterrestrial/Alien/UFO/Whistle Blower Niche and am looking for the back door to Space X...Anybody here know how i can gain some access to either NASA or Space X in attempt to retrieve TOP SECRET files on Ufo's, Alien Life (mainly the greys), Space War's, ETC.
  8. ShiningWarrior

    Which Online Storage is good for both personal and business files?

    Hey, which online storage do you guys use for your personal and business pics and files? I was looking at Google Drive and Dropbox and just wanted to get a recommendation from you all. Which online do you use for yourself for daily purpose?
  9. ShiningWarrior

    Any software or site that can automate Rapidgator/UploadGig/Nitroflare downloads?

    Hi, I need to download couple of files via Uploadgig/Nitroflare/Rapidgator through non-premium mode and I was wondering if there any working software or site that will automatically wait for the cooldown and automatically download the files? I just want to schedule and forget. Thanks in advance. :)
  10. B

    How do I send a file to different user same PC?

    I wasn't sure where to put this.... I've been trying to send a file and pictures from one user to another on the same PC, but its not working. I'm doing what it said I just click share and then click the user and it says its supposed to pop up when other user logs in but nothing! Windows 10...
  11. Bella Madison

    I have hundreds of torrents/filles. How can I make money with them?

    Hi all - newbie here. I have hundreds of files (all the newest movies, books, music, etc) that I'm sure I can make money with somehow. At first I uploaded them on eBay and Bonanza, just to see if there was a market for them, and I was getting tons of sales!! Once I received payment, I would...
  12. wizox

    CPA - Do you promote real or fake files ?

    I am in CPA for almost a month now, and I can't get even one single lead :eek: When I got into CPA, I decided that I will promote real/legal files - because I don't feel good if I promote fake files and scam other people. I have realized that there is noone who will complete a survey in order...
  13. manugm94

    Finally some SUCCESS with CLEANFILES! EPC: $1.88

    Hi!! So I use youtube and some quality videos to send spanish traffic to my files. Here i have the stats. Yes, im lucky ;), BTW my username is Gikdew...
  14. C

    RAR File Password Cracker :)

    1. First we need to download a program called Advanced RAR Password Recovery which you can download it?s not free cost $30.00 but I have a secret key for you only!SEARCH GOOGLE AND DOWNLOAD-Advanced-RAR-Password-Recovery- 2. During the setup you will be asked to enter a key enter this key (for...
  15. U

    How to get $$$ for files downloads

    Hello, I'm a newbie here, so don't get mad if I'm asking standart questions here ;) Have a blog posting there lot of links to freeware soft, recently I've experienced high volume of downloads from my website. I've check aff programs of few file hostings. Does anyone work with them ...
  16. G

    Tools To Help Noobs Get Organized

    I've been working a combination of Black Hat & White Hat stuff for the past year. Aside from my e-whoring, which has been a tremendous $$ maker, the rest of my projects have been a complete mess. Mainly due to the fact I tried to start too many different ideas at the same time instead of...
  17. Patrat

    How to Force a Download *VERY USEFUL SCRIPT*

    Say you want a PHP script that will make the browser download a file instead of opening it. This is useful for common filetypes that would normally be displayed in a browser, like .html, images, PDFs and .doc files. You can find a lot of scripts that do this on the web but one thing most of...
  18. A

    File Repository Recommendations

    I run a few sites with file download sections and my current set of scripts that were quickly written a long time ago when the downloads area was much smaller simply isn't cutting it. Does anyone have any recommendations on an open source PHP solution for hosting files? I know there are a...
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