Tools To Help Noobs Get Organized

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    I've been working a combination of Black Hat & White Hat stuff for the past year. Aside from my e-whoring, which has been a tremendous $$ maker, the rest of my projects have been a complete mess. Mainly due to the fact I tried to start too many different ideas at the same time instead of focusing on one or two and letting them play out.

    I've got domains sitting around, links to sites I haven't used or maintained, etc. My computer looks like a cluttered attic. Until today..

    I was waiting for the Super Bowl to start and my boyfriend to come over and I decided to sit down and clean up. I've got everything in file folders on my Monster hard-drive. I also have all those accounts, ideas I scratched together, images and sites organized by a little program called - KJots.

    Kjots is a default text editor and outliner that you can find FREE on the internet. It allows bookmarking, and file organization. It allows you to create books and chapters then save them into any format. I like the html files because I can then click on a link instead of now having to cut and paste into my browser.

    This may be old-school in the way I got organized, but sometimes old school works. Just wanted to pass it on, maybe someone will find it useful..