1. amanwaa

    Need Help! How to create Image Search Results Rss Feed

    It's possible to create a google image search result RSS feed, if anybody knows about this please help.
  2. mrsmilyy

    How to avoid ebay expensive fees ?

    How to avoid ebay expensive fee ? Everytime I sell something 10$ I paye 2$ fee ! It's lot of wasting MONEY i think there is something i miss in option someone can help me ? there is something we can do to post many thing free ? regard
  3. MasterSocial

    Skrill Increasing Fees Starting 22nd of Feb 2021

    Just received an email from Skrill: We are writing to inform you that we are making changes to some of the Skrill Fees. As of 22 February 2021 the following Fees shall apply: Deposit fee (all local and global payment methods) – 5% per transaction; Currency conversion fee – 4.49% per...
  4. Myst3ry

    PayPal Increased the Fee for Bank Transfers

    This was 1% before one week. They have increased it to 3%. What a greedy company
  5. Radvis

    Ebay fees

    Hello there, how are you guys doing? I have a weird question today, I've been dsing for 3 yrs+ now and I thought I know biggest part of the game. However I was informed that there are services, which removes ebay monthly fees. Am I dreaming or some of you know something about it? Dm me of just...
  6. L

    shopify charges

    how much does shopify charge for each transaction fee across all payment methods
  7. A

    Make Adlinkfly Only Pay After Button clicked

    Hello, I am dealing with many fake traffic when using codecanyon Adlinkfly scipt. Anyone that familiar with the script code and can modify the code please PM me. I will give some fees for your work. If you have been working with the script code, you will know what I mean. What I want to modify...
  8. nasia1301

    BTC price too high

    Hello, everyone. I decided to buy some bitcoins finally to do little trading. I used a service in my country and they send me the BTC with a small fee. The bitcoin transition confirmed after 3 days (wtf) So now I want to send my BTC from my wallet to poloniex but the fees are a lot. They are...
  9. A

    vcc / vba stealth paypal/ebay

    I am about to open a stealth paypal/ebay account. I am unsure about a couple of things: I got told i should not my real bank acc/cred card at first when regestering for paypal therefore i should use VCC & VBA. After i do this and my paypal is verified, do i then just change my details to a...
  10. R

    Ebay FEES

    Can someone explain why ebay fees are so high
  11. S

    Paying eBay fees with someone else's credit card differnet billing information question?

    :confused::confused::confused: Guys I need to pay my eBay fees but can't through paypal becaue my paypal is frozen. Can I make a payment with lets say my own credit card so I can take my account off being on hold and start selling again. It's only been on hold for about less than a week. I...
  12. J

    Any fast ways to earn a small amount of money on paypal

  13. D

    Does Paypal Charge Fees ?

    I setup an account with paypal, i am only using it to recieve payments from freelancing sites. Will i be charged any monthly fees apart from 2% commsion that paypal takes when withdrawing money. I don't use it often.
  14. I

    10 ways to pay LESS on feeBay

    Hey fellow gold diggers. Here are some random tid bits of information that I have found over my eBay journeys and though I would share it with you. 10 ways to pay less on feeBay: 1 Use sniping tools. If you?ve spotted something you really want then don?t bid on it right away. Competing buyers...
  15. M

    Ebay fees!

    BHW, what are the fees that go with ebay?
  16. J

    HELP! I have set up auto blog with rss and....

    I have set up an auto blog with rss and it displays the image when you click the post, but the picture will not display next to the post on the homepage. It just shows the blog title. This is on a magazine style theme. How can I get the picture to be added on auto blog on the homepage in a...
  17. I

    I need $32,000 per year for my university. In need of PRO advice. PLEASE!!

    Hello BHW, Its my aim since childhood to study software engineering in University of Sydney (US) or university of New South Wales (UNSW). But apparently their costs are really high and my family can't afford for them. I got no other option than to get hired in part time job. But here in...
  18. christianbed

    What would you charge for site and SEO?

  19. gettinthere

    Highly competitive term - any thoughts on pricing?

    I've been having good success with smallish clients, but I've been asked for a big one...I'm not really sure if the guy has a clue what he's asking for. His website looks very professional but at this point I have no idea how much money he has or how serious he is. He gave me 2 terms; "term...
  20. Z

    Increasing shipping charges to avoid eBay fees?

    Is it risky to decrease the price and increase shipping charges (example : the item is priced $5 and I pay $2 for the shipping, I price the item at $1 and charge $6 for the shipping) in order to avoid final value fees? Has anyone got any problem with this technique?
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