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  1. PandaDaddy

    [Journey] Get Rich or Die Trying! My LONG Journey from $0 to $10,000,000/yr on Ebay

    Hey What's Up! About Me: I come from a very poor background, from a young age, I just want to get rich, period. I started doing ebay from 2007 to 2009, selling authentic sneakers on ebay, then slowly included nikeskateboarding and solecollector. The business was profitable, but was very effort...
  2. Ahmirof

    Can work on dropshipping from foreign country?

    Hi, I know a bit about Drop-shipping & Affiliate Marketing & Amazon FBA & Wholesale, And as these became trend, I decide to start one of the mentioned Businesses. I want to ask a suggestion from you to help me to choose one of them based on my conditions. -The first thing and the most...
  3. TooCorny

    [ Ecom + AMZN FBA Journey ] - [Have Fun , Learn a Lot & Get a Nice Side Income ] - [ Already Making $$$ ]

    Hello there Fellow BHWers, Some of you may know me from my IG+CPA journey back in 2018 when Instagram was still a Goldmine. Didn't go as planned but I did learn a lot of new things which have then helped me to improve in other IM areas. Since the November 2019 IG Update, I have moved on to...
  4. Md Shifat

    Top Reasons for Amazon Seller Account Suspension And Tips To Avoid It

    Account Suspension comes as a thunderbolt to the sellers. Most of the time it is unexpected and forever. Every seller knows how stringent and strict are the selling norms and customer services on Amazon, overruling which can drag sellers in an irreversibly bad condition. Here are the top reasons...
  5. ChristineAshe

    California, Washington probing how Amazon treats 3rd-party sellers, report says

    State investigators from California and Washington are reportedly probing the business practices of Amazon, particularly how the company treats third-party sellers in its online marketplace. https://www.digitaltrends.com/news/amazon-investigation-california-washington/ (....The Washington...
  6. The Curator

    Amazon Vendors Panic After Online Giant Suddenly Halts Purchases

    After Amazon successfully put a majority of its retail "brick and mortar" competitors out of business, it is now cracking down on its own supply chain. In Jeff Bezos latest move to boost flagging profits and razor-thin margins at the company's core e-commerce business, Amazon abruptly stopped...
  7. TigerShadow

    Program/Software for AMZ FBA that includes EXP or Best By?

    Aloha ! For my amazon account I would like to FBA some items, the products I plan on sending have Expiration dates, per amazon I understand I need to add an expiration date to the FBA sticker, however in the seller interface to make the FBA labels there is no area to add the expiration of the...
  8. H


    Hi all, I am new here, I first found out about this forum during my first project which was scraping Amazon. I figured out that I would need proxies and found out your forum. I stopped that project but I started a new one. My challenge for 2018 was to sell a product using Amazon FBA, I ordered...
  9. H

    Where to get verified Amazon.com reviews?

    Hello, I am looking for a verified Amazon.com reviews on a product. If anyone can leave one or a lot, please inbox me.
  10. blackkaneki

    Need guidance to get FBA account for non-us citizen

    Hi guys need some guidance regarding Amazon FBA for non-us citizen. I have done my homework, but there are specific points that I still have my doubts. * For imports (buy from China) it is true that custom needs FEIN number (only companies)? I have read on other forums that even though you get...
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