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  1. L

    Run FB ads for a FB page that's not linked to the FB ad account

    Let's say I have a fb account set up to run ads. And I want to run ads for the NBA facebook fanpage which is owned by someone else. Is it possible to run ads for that fanpage but from my fb ad account?
  2. H

    [Question] Facebook Business Manager Using VPS

    Hi guys, I created an FB account and a BM using a windows VPS with static IP address. I have been warming up the account for 2 months now, gaining lots of cookies :smirk:. In the first week of account creation, FB had locked out my account citing "suspicious activity", and I had to appeal to...
  3. J

    Can advertise 2 business pages in the same BM? (Circumventing Systems Policy)

    Hey everyone. is it ok to advertise 2 business pages in the same BM? Afraid that if 1 page gets banned or penalized for receiving a low feedback score, the other page will get banned for circumventing systems policy. Thanks!!
  4. B

    Scammed by VKmedia - Liar + no refund

    Seller: https://www.blackhatworld.com/members/vkmedia.1198372/ Available on skype and telegram I noticed him on BHW and contact him to get a FB ad account to run my ads. Sent him 400$ in BTC, got the account within 5 days instead of instantly as he said but anyway. To be brief, fb ad account...
  5. Ad account

    Hello good people

    I am new from Bangladesh. Hope for the best. Thanks.
  6. Takurah

    Dropshipping JV WANTED | DEAD OR ALIVE (lol)

    Dropshipping JV WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE (lol) Your Traffic, Ad Skills or Sales Skills, + My Website/Brand and Gaming Niche | Drop shipping What I bring to the Table: Funding Ready/Available (know it’s Enough and disclosed in pm) A fully functioning Store Ad tested Fulfillment tested Fully...
  7. D

    Need indian fb ad account

    Hello, Any one possible to give indian fb ad account with netbanking option ? please ping me PM
  8. G

    FB ADS Upload a photo of yourself

    I keep trying to run a FB account and ad account to run white ads but facebook is still blocking me without any reasons. I use PVA stealth accounts with and without VPN, facebook keep asking me a Photo of myself every 24h and it stop all my ads, i mean just take my money and leave me tf in...
  9. Mr. Tokyo

    ☆ Facebook Ad Accounts | Postpaid | EUR | Plug & Play ☆

    Plug & Play Facebook Postpaid Ad Accounts Providing a Plug & Play solution for you to get your campaigns up and running quickly to ensure the continuity of your campaigns. Package Information: EU postpaid ad account. Warmed up with €60 EUR ad spend. Add your own or use the included card...
  10. kavalerova


    Join the Family If you want to be part of our family here a few things you need to know: Maximus lives by one rule and that is Loyalty. Over the last 7 years I have only done business with like-minded people and over this same time - i have seen all the Facebook struggles imaginable! It is...