fb account banned

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  2. Accforads

    New 3 important timing How connect BM correctly

    According to my experience, which I want to share with you, there are three important points that you must follow when connecting a business manager to a profile in order to avoid blocking and other problems, and all of them occurred at the same time 1-Binding must take place after 24 hours...
  3. CalinY

    Tips for effectively running advertise.

    Tips for effectively running advertise 1. If the advertisement is working well, let it run continuously without turning off or leaving the account in arrears. 2. Video images to run ads, if not too beautiful, must be at least sharp. If the article has been running for a long time and becomes...
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    Tips for effectively running advertise
  5. CalinY

    Common mistakes on Facebook advertise content (part 2)

    Common mistakes on Facebook advertise content (part 2) 5. Too much information. Unable to determine what the central message of the article is, the series of benefits sounds versatile but not sure which ones stand out. Instead of every article being the same, list the 5 most outstanding...
  6. CalinY

    Common mistakes on Facebook advertise content (part 1)

    Common mistakes on Facebook advertise content (part 1) 1. The title and opening are not attractive. In addition to banners, ads usually only display the first 3 lines. Whether viewers stop reading the title or are curious to click to see more is due to the attraction of this opening. I...
  7. Content Facebook

    Content Facebook

    Content Facebook


    Customer's feelings and assessments!
  9. CalinY


    TIPS FOR EFFECTIVELY PROMOTE FANPAGES 1. For fan pages, whether old or new, should pay attention to the name of the fan page. A tip for fanpage to easily get to the top of search: "If the fanpage is used to sell products and increase revenue, you should put the Main Keyword of the Industry (of...
  10. Facebook fanpage - effective advertising

    Facebook fanpage - effective advertising

    Facebook fanpage - effective advertising
  11. B

    Destruction of competing Facebook groups

    How much does it cost to destroy groups on Facebook? Where can such services be purchased? If any of you offer such services, please write here or on priv. Please stay on topic and do not write about being competitive and offering more than your competitors.
  12. J

    Prevent ad account from ban due to "inactivity"??

    Hey guys! How do you prevent your backup ad accounts from being disabled by FB due to "inactivity"? I know that Facebook disables your ad account if you don't spend any money within a time-frame of 60-90 days. Any successful method of keeping your account active with the least amount of money...
  13. J

    creatingf several fb acc

    im creating several fb accounts just incase fb ban a account, but will fb ban my acc if i use the same text images fore each post, on each account as i cba creating new text for each post? please dont post for the sake of it because you think they will, as i want a definite answer ill be using...
  14. Backbencher

    Facebook Accounts Died in Few Days

    Hello, I have created around 10-15 accounts using proxies+multilog but after few days all accounts are died :( I have used outlook for these accounts and without phone verification. What the best way for creating Facebook accounts? Thanks
  15. D

    Looking to Buy FB Business Manager

    Hello Everyone, Recently my personal FB account was hit with the "Your Advertising Access is Restricted" Ban. I have spent well over 6+ figs on my business manager and was stunned when I saw this. So I have a few questions for you BHW Folks. 1) Have you ever encountered this problem? If so how...
  16. B

    FB Ad account

    Hi I am from a third world country , my country is banned from using fb ads i am a partner from us , we are working in a shopify store selling shirts my partner created the business manger account and the ad account , he add me as an advertiser to the account we launch our first ad then they...
  17. A

    A Noob Question About Facebook

    Hey guys, I'm new to BHW and would appreciate if you answer this question. Currently I have an adult site, traffic is preety low and was thinking to use Facebook to get more traffic by allowing people to share my site on FB.. I know FB doesn't allow adult, so can get around this? I heard buy...
  18. B

    6 FB Account run on home residence ip?

    Currently i have 4 computer and 3 mobile phones. Can i run 1 single account on each pc or mobile phone connect via wifi with same ip? is there any chance to ban?
  19. noormohd45

    FB Ads Account Flagged, Staff not responding to me. Considering to make a new FB Ads Account

    FB slapped my FB account for policy violation (I was doing some CPA) , yeah it was my first campaign with FB ads so not aware of the Rules much. I'm pretty sure I did everything to make my landing page and ad with accordance of the policies. anyway, It'd been 5 months now and facebook staff...
  20. Sirius.EKR

    Facebook advertising account deactivated

    hello blackhatworld community, facebook deactivated my advertising accounts for reasons of privacy violacions, then contacted them, and replied that it was their final decision. what i wanted to know is can i recreate another facebook account with my name and even ip and even credit card? or do...
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