facebook marketing

  1. Peter Turner

    1 Review Copy - PowerAdSpy - Spy on FB Ads | Steal Money Making Campaigns

    Hello everyone, I am providing one review copy for the marketplace approval of my BST. Service Description : PowerAdSpy is an AI powered ad intellegence platform. Research and discover your competitor’s ads like a pro across popular digital platforms & accomplish an avant-grade competitive...
  2. Napoleson

    effective account warming

    Are you having problems with your facebook accounts, when you just bought someone's account to advertise your product, they all die, here are some steps to warm up the account effective : 1 : first when you buy an account , i have advice for you , you should buy or use old accounts this will...
  3. dillywilly

    HAF Facebook Marketplace poster/manager ( can provide tools / accs / proxies /PVA if needed )

    Hello im looking for a reliable facebook marketplace poster i need to scale across 50 US states in a certain category on Marketplace with 100-1000 ads. all the traffic will most likely be funneled to a facebook group so there wont be any watermarking pictures with links or anything of that...
  4. djgbshows

    facebook messenger multiple logins app?

    hey guys any suggestions on a facebook app, or bot thatll let me log into multiple facebook accounts to reply to messages on all at once? I have a marketing strategy that requires me to do this and its a pain having multiple browsers and computers up.
  5. F

    Facebook RPA Marketing Tool

    Take the liberty to disturb the boss, ❇I wonder if the boss has the following problems? Virtual currency can't find a customer? Forex broker can't find traders? Gambling can't find an effective way to add new website registration? Recruitment and no new employees? Cross-border e-commerce...
  6. kei3k

    Q&A FB Ads for newbies or those who are having problems.

    I see many people are still struggling with some problems in advertising on facebook, just leave your question here and I will answer your questions if I can. I'm still running and maintaining an ad budget so I can give you some advice.
  7. Jean550

    Need Help!! Post the deals on Facebook page or groups

    Hi guys, We're a seller on Amazon for more than 10 years, but you know, the sale was hard this year. We have more product deals that need to be posted on more groups. Anyone elese can post the deal or have admin contact to help us post the deal on their group or page? Such as themommymarkdown...
  8. Prototype127

    Instagram Mass DM vs Facebook Mass DM (My experience)

    Mass DM on social media platforms is always a big and not an easy task to do! Although there are now Mass DM service available which are really expensive as well as there is no define audience on mass DM also the profiles through which the DM's are shooted seems to be fake as they have zero...

    Facebook ads vs Email marketing

    The new iOS 15 update will render metrics like open rate irrelevant. And some of the recent Facebook issues might push marketers to focus on email marketing. And IMO, brands might invest time on wisely segmenting their audience on email platforms. What do you think? PS. And oh, I'm strictly...
  10. Eholic

    Facebook business page/ads account being disabled and page restricted (Ecom dropshipping)

    Hello readers, I have issues with Facebook business page/ads accounts being disabled and page restricted. Some background information (which I think might be useful before I dive into the order of events). I created a new facebook page specifically for the niche my store is in, under the...
  11. fairytail0000

    Fixing FB Pixel

    Hello my dearest members, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the input chipped in by fellow members in regards to the issue. I would want to hire a freelancer who is skilled in Facebook who can assist in fixing the FB Pixel issue that I am experiencing. Do PM me...
  12. Alma

    Anyone marketing on FB with just 1 account?

    Hey, I have few questions about FB, would like to market with just one account. I want to make sure it never gets banned though. 1) Did you buy aged account or new one? 2) Which proxies/methods do you use to keep it safe? 3) How much do you post/link per day? Thanks :)
  13. Nancy224

    Facebook Rant

    My Facebook Rant! Back on 12/25/21, my ad account was hacked and an ad was placed using my information. Facebook notified me that my account appeared to have been compromised and THEY canceled my billing agreement with them automatically. I did all the security things they suggested (changed my...
  14. B

    I have a facebook spanish group with 85k followers what should i do ?

    It is local to my area and a job,buy and sell group and i wanted to find out what to do and how to monetize it. I been having it since 2016 and i literally have not done crap with it. I posted a banner with my main business and then i took it off and added my dad's business with 0 conversion.
  15. A

    Need affordable way to get Big web traffic

    I have a website simply for lead generation, mainly a form to fill and redirects to telegram. It is crypto related which in itself is hard to do marketing for. I need an inexpensive way to do marketing for the website and gain ALOT of traffic. If anyone knows any way please let me know!!
  16. A

    Need affordable way to get high website traffic

    I have a website simply for lead generation, mainly a form to fill and redirects to telegram. It is crypto related which in itself is hard to do marketing for. I need an inexpensive way to do marketing for the website and gain ALOT of traffic. If anyone knows any way please let me know!!
  17. L

    Facebook advertising in Special categories!

    Special categories on Facebook is limited, in which you cannot serve certain audiences. It also disables look alike audiences etc. my main niche requires special category selected for ad to run. Is there a way to cloak or use other method etc. to bypass this?
  18. Huxtable

    Recent Changes with Facebook Group Posting - Resulting in Blocked Accounts

    Hi all, I'm not sure if people have experienced the same issues as myself but I'm sure it's not something which has only affected our marketing campaigns. With the new layout change we have seen that Facebook sell pages have introduced a new system which only allows you to post if you upload...
  19. ThirstyForKnowledge

    How do i find which facebook pages shared a blogpost?

    When you see an article’s social share counts and it says 1,700 shares on Facebook, how do I find out which pages shared that content?
  20. alishakapoor

    [Time To Vote] Which is the best Facebook Marketing Course from below List

    Anik Signal facebook ads Mastery Cat Howell- Facebook ads that Converts CB high-Profit-Facebook-Group Dan Dasilva & Justin Cener - Social Ad Classroom Dan Henry - Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs David Sambor, Philippe Lecoute - Messenger Marketing Experts Dennis Yu- Launch 3 Part Foundation FB...
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