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  1. M0805

    How to share Facebook post in groups at once? I NEED HELP GUYS

    Hello! In February 2 Facebook got new update and they deleted option to share post in groups by once.Now they add option to share one-by-one which is very very slow. Is somebody know how to share post in Facebook groups at once my post engagement is so bad. Thank you.
  2. Shlash_2022

    Hey all Shlash here

    I have been thinking about joining this kind of sites for a long time now, but recently I got recommended this website to see and learn how things work around here . And if you could help me with courses names that teach SM marketing (Facebook specifically) thx and have a good day;)
  3. Y

    facebook ads trick?

    Im little bit curious how some people run fb ads. For example, i pay 100usd to him meanwhile he undertake ads for me 300usd. How he made it?
  4. road2freedom

    Pay for customer reviews and comments?

    Hey guys - long time ghost-reader on these forums, I don't really say much as I feel like the people who post know so much more than me! Any how... I have set up an online store and we do well via SM advertising, but I did notice another business who gets 1000's of comments on their videos and...