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  1. hustlersshop

    Manually Farmed (14+ Days) Facebook Accounts For Advertising

    Handmade & farmed Facebook accounts for running Facebook Ads About the accounts: Manually created and farmed from 14+ days, collected Cookies Phone verified manually with physical SIM cards! Friends – from 60 to 100+, profile in recommendations Profile – added information, 6+ unique photos, 8+...
  2. E

    Facebook Postpaid Business Ads Accounts For Sale - High Quality Business Manager Account

    Everybody knows that Facebook is top social media and is the highest online networking site with a large number of traffics. It has turned out to be very simple to create activity on your page and begin getting leads. If you tired and frustated with banned facebook ads account and you have tried...
  3. kavalerova


    Join the Family If you want to be part of our family here a few things you need to know: Maximus lives by one rule and that is Loyalty. Over the last 7 years I have only done business with like-minded people and over this same time - i have seen all the Facebook struggles imaginable! It is...
  4. CThomasRaging

    FB Ads - Can't Create More Ads

    Hi, I have a problem with FB Ads - FB Ads Account. I made an ad that wasn't approved because of policy violations. And it looks to me that it stopped all the ads I had on the Ad Account. I think I used copyrighted video or music or whatever - so this is the reason I believe they stopped my...
  5. Black Orange

    Facebook Ads Help or Guide

    Hey Guys I am writing this thread because I read a lot of threads like FB VCC problem , FB ADS Help , FB Blocked my ad account and many more. This thread is for all those who are new to the the game and are trying to run BlackHat Ads on Facebook . These are the precautions you should take or the...
  6. TheWhiteBear


    The main problem for the affiliate today is to make your account live and not being blocked. When your account remains active for 7 days – it’s quite obvious. When it lives for two weeks – this is luck. When his life lasts a month – it is a treasure. FB is suspicious about just everything. When...
  7. Nick T.

    I need many Facebook Ads Accounts

    Hello I need many facebook ads accounts tp run blackhat ads if there is anyone who could provide me facebook ads accounts with payment methods contact me via skype : [email protected]
  8. MileUnderMedia

    Looking For Adwords Account Farming Expert

    Hey, I run CPA Ads, and a growing Ad Account Business, mostly specializing in Facebook Ads Accounts, Bing, and Payment Methods. I am wanting to either learn (I will pay or exchange knowledge for knowledge, up to you) how to create and handle Adwords accounts, so I can train my farming team to...
  9. SoFarm


    Service not available - member no longer active on the site Publicly available for the first time: 5-star Facebook Accounts by SoFarm If you’re making money with Facebook ads, we’re here to take you to the next level with the best quality FB ad accounts on the market! SoFarm package What...
  10. juanluis21

    Unlimited FB ads accounts: ways to monetize them

    Hi people, this is my first thread. I discovered one method to create unlimited fb ads accounts, but I dont know how to make profitable campaigns yet (I have only 15% roi in cpa campaigns) . My question is what kind of verticals I should try? Any advise will be great. All accounts are empty, so...
  11. BionicMarketing

    BionicMarketing - Facebook Business Accounts with 250$ threshold - Custom Software

    BIONICMARKETING FB ACCOUNTS SOFTWARE PRESENTATION FAQ ( FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ) From which country are these accounts from ? They can be from a random EU country or from any other country Will I need a proxy to use them? Yes you will need a proxy, we don't sell proxies, but we can...
  12. tkitek

    FB Ads Accounts Farming - let's share the knowledge

    Hello everyone, I have been running my offers on facebook ads (cloaking) and discovered that I could get my account banned which made me stop and start looking for a way to farm FB ads accounts for future use. Truth to be told, I don't have the budget to buy or rent a FB ads account for now...
  13. T

    I want to buy the FB ads account. 500$ per day or more

    I am looking to buy some high limit fb ads accounts (daily limit must be 500$ or more).. i need the good accounts (white hat or grey hat) with good activity. If anyone's selling, PM me the offer. I can buy 3-4 accounts (1 in start to test) and will pay by Paypal.
  14. Ellie4294

    How to start JV? Im Having FB Ads Account!

    Hello BHW, I am having few Facebook Ads Account and looking for a JV where we both can make money. But dont know where to start. I have create a post at JV section but thats not yet published. Any information will be help.
  15. Facebook Solutions


    Facebook Trusted Business Ad Accounts - Plug & Play Package - Highest Quality Money Can Buy Facebook Ad Accounts Information: [*=left]All accounts are USA based. [*=left]Currency is US Dollars. [*=left]PLUG & PLAY - add your own CC and Go. [*=left]Each account has FULL activity, including...
  16. F

    How to Sell FB Ads Account Here? ***Newbies want to learn***

    Hello BHW members, I am a newbies here from Bangladesh. I would like to know how I can sell Facebook Ads Account here? I am having ready to use FB ads account with spend limit $25 to $100. I would like to sell them at competitive price. It will be very helpful if you guys can drive me in right...
  17. A

    [JV] Facebook Ads Agency Accounts Revenue Share

    As many of you know must be knowing , I am into Facebook Ads. I am selling Facebook Ads Agency Accounts to different advertisers from last half an year and now willing to take the next step. I am looking to JV with someone who knows how to handle agency accounts and have got a few positive ROI...