facebook ad campaign

  1. A

    [HELP] Regarding Freight business

    To make it short: I was tasked to target audience on Facebook ads regarding Freight business but I could not think of any reliable demographic target for the niche. Can someone please help me regarding this task? Thanks BHW
  2. P

    Best way to run a facebook campaign!!

    I am looking for the best way to promote the post of my Facebook pages... I handle multiple pages like Gold | IT Services | and many more I need a trick or suggestion on how can I get more orders on Facebook... Kindly suggest
  3. CThomasRaging

    Social Media - Getting Leads for a Client - Fitness Center

    Hello, We are going to launch a campaign for a fitness center and we already did some brainstorming but we are still seeking other good ideas so we can deliver a great service to our client. It is more of a gym than a fitness center, there are no other services a part of the gym. We need to...
  4. FourArrows

    Facebook Feed Ad Design Guide

    The below creative specification and technical requirements is for Facebook Feed Ad creatives. Design recommendations File type: jpg or png Image ratio: 9:16 to 16:9 Recommended resolution: Upload the highest-resolution image available. Images that consist of more than 20% text may experience...
  5. puneetas3

    [Help] How to create Facebook ads for Instant Articles

    Hey BHWers some help needed. How can I create Link click ads for Instant Articles? Any help is appreciated. I have selected placement as mobile, platform as Facebook Feed. I have excluded the following audience- Behaviours > Digital activities > Internet browser used Facebook access (browser)...
  6. pinky112

    How to get 800 Facebook ad accounts with your Business Manager

    Hello BHWers, this is what I believe if you do you might have 800 ad accounts because it worked for me. Now, you must first sign up with the Facebook business manager. After that, run some ads maybe into 500$ or more, it could also work with a lesser amount, I had spent about 400$ on my...
  7. CThomasRaging

    Facebook Advertising Course - Affiliate Program?

    Hey, does anybody know if there is some Facebook Advertising course that has an affiliate program? I have found a decent amount of courses but they don't have affiliate programs. So I contacted them via "contact us" page or through FB messenger plugin but I am still waiting for answers. Thanks!
  8. kurosaki4d

    Create facebook custom audiences as a page

    Hi guys :) I would like to create a custom audiences in facebook for my page. However, the page of my business that talks about my website is created within my personal account, so when i try to Create Audience -> Custom Audience i can only do it as my Personnal account and not as my Personal...
  9. CThomasRaging

    Facebook CPM $30.6 - GDPR

    What’s up guys. The last couple of days/weeks Facebook is behaving very weird. Like extremely weird. There are a lot of bugs, lot of updates, lot of restrictions. It’s starting to not be funny anymore. With one of our clients we had $30.6 CPM - great offer, great creative, broad audience...
  10. McHenzy

    [GUIDE] Easy How to Increase Dropshipping Website Conversion Rate

    Not good at intros, so straight to the point. I have noticed that the predominant problem for dropshippers are: 1. Why my ads ain't converting? 2. How do I get a profitable niche to dropship on? I will like to answer to the best of my knowledge question 1, your input is required if you think...
  11. seoxz

    Facebook ad help

    I have been using fb ads for about 3 years now and i still feel like there is something missing. Maybe i do it the right way maybe it can be improved can someone help me with this. Having a second opinion is always better. I can share my technique which i am not sure if they qualify as relevant...
  12. abradabra

    [QUIZ] Are You a Facebook Ads Master?

    Consider this quiz something of a "pre-test!" I don't expect even advanced advertisers to know all of the answers to these questions. THAT'S OKAY! The goal here is for you to figure out what you know and what you don't know. DON'T GUESS! If you really don't know an answer to a question...
  13. A

    fb billing failed ad account

    Hello After a research in my computer I found billing failed Facebook ad account . Some time ago I saw some people asked about such ad accounts . It is still worth something?
  14. Mahinder Pal

    My ad is on and active but the stats are showing no activity.

    Currently I am managing Facebook ad campaign of my client. My ads are on and active(approved) but the stats are showing no activity. I have set up all the things i.e. Daily Ad budget, Targeting custom audience. Its been 3 days since the campaign started but still no activity showing, no budget...
  15. D

    Need Facebook and Instagram traffic for iOS app

    Hey! I have several iOS apps which I want to promote on Facebook and Instagram. But I can't promote them directly (they break fb policy). I'm looking for someone who will promote apps on his accs. Or maybe some affilate network who could help me with this.
  16. Teddybanana

    Hi everyone.

    My name is Teddy Bannana I´m in the marketing business. I have been searching lately about everything inside facebook and I have been looking for buyers of Facebook Ad Campaigns Accounts. If you have information that can help me I would appreciate it. This is an awesome forum. Thanks for...