facebook acc

  1. DT Media Agency

    How to unlock Facebook account type 956

    How to resist locks 956 Seeing that many of you have recently had the error of locking your Facebook account in the form 956, so I would like to share how to unlock the checkpoint in this form, I have tested and succeeded: Need to prepare: add-on User agent switcher + change IP (hola,...)...
  2. DT Media Agency

    The secret to raising nick to limit checkpoint

    First, can Wifi support my account => The answer is it doesn't matter. I have a machine that runs nearly a hundred accounts using wifi So why use 3G 4G, Proxy? Read below to understand. - Next, you must understand why Facebook is locked. Is it locked because of the same IP? No, of course not...
  3. DT Media Agency


    ✅Welcome! DT Media Agency provides FACEBOOK AD ACCOUNTS BM, PERSONAL,✅NO LIMIT✅ to help you increase revenue and reduce costs. Support 24/7 1. About service THE FOLLOWING ARE THE ACCOUNT TYPES WE ARE SELLING (THERE ARE OTHER ACCOUNT TYPES IF YOU NEED): ✅ Strong advertising account Limit 5000$...
  4. H

    Is Facebook having a ban wave at the moment?

    Hello guys! I've been hearing information in several telegram chats that Facebook is having a ban wave right now. A couple of my FB ads accounts were banned, and some of my acquaintances are having the same issue Does anyone know if FB is having a ban wave or if it's just a Coincidence...
  5. diamond BM

    ✅Facebook advertising account support service✅( 250$, 1500$ , Nolimited ...) 24/7 Support . Accept all pro

    Welcome ! DIAMOND DIO AGENCY PROVIDES MARKETING SOLUTIONS TO HELP YOU INCREASE SALES We have 7 years of experience in the field of marketing and advertising, and have many ways to overcome any difficulties when advertising accounts have problems. We operate 24/7 and provide Facebook...
  6. Andrew Leen


    FACEBOOK ADVERTISING ACCOUNT FOR RENT - ( ACCEPT BH,WH,GH (GAMING, CRYPTO, RECRUITMENT, INVESTMENT,...) , SUPPORT 24/7 1. About Service : We provide Full set up for your Facebook Ads Camps - Facebook Ads Account with history spent,high limit,Unlimit resourse for scale up ( quickly change,not...
  7. Sonet Agency


    1. About Service : We provide Full set up for your Facebook ads camps - Facebook Ads Account with history spent,high limit,unlimit resourse for scale up ( quickly change,not have die fee) - FREE VPS (RDP,ADSPOWER,..) (Clean IP) ; - Profile and Page Strong (Old, 5 Star, Successfully...
  8. M

    [HELP] Facebook campaigns sweepstakes

    I do ads on fb (sweepstakes) with verified personal accounts. Fanpages, campaigns or accounts are banned very quickly. I have already changed the provider of accounts, cards, proxy. I am using GoLogin. I have made prelanders with unique html. How else can I improve campaign performance? I am...
  9. secretunk

    Ask me anything with Facebook advertising BH or other 2020

    You can ask anything with Facebook advertising BH or other ads by 2020 Our Farm team has been working Facebook account since 2012 see We our work !
  10. secretunk

    Can you know Font that Facebook does not recognize

    Have you already met competitors' ads with fonts that Facebook does not recognize and junction service? It's simple, Unicode 10. What do we get? Using this technique, we will protect ourselves from spy services and with a very high probability Facebook will not be able to read and analyze the...
  11. Zhang Qiang

    Facebook Ads,GG Ads

    Need anyone run ads Good in my acc (maybe run BH,WH,TM,Dropship)
  12. HotAccounts

    Facebook Business Verifications

    Hello guys, hope you're find and everything is so far so good Everyday I'm getting more curious about busines verifications So far, we know that it could be with any domain or you can also go with shopify sites Also, there are 2 ways I only know up to this date 5/22/2020: One of them it's...
  13. hazzi

    Facebook account problem?

    How do I make a Facebook account without id verification btw I have already tried vpns
  14. T

    Problem with Facebook personal account!

    Hi, guys, I hope everyone doing well, facebook was banned my personal account that I use for 11 years after they ask me about verifying my id with upload my real picture, i have done that I upload my picture, after 24h boom my account get banned, i don't know the reason, because I use my real...
  15. Internet-Marketer

    Want to buy Facebook Accounts

    Hello, I am looking for old Canadian, Australian or US Facebook accounts. I don't need blank accounts like most sellers have. Let me know your rate and sample profiles. Looking for long term reliable sellers. Please don't message me if you are a middleman and don't have quality accounts. I...
  16. Internet-Marketer

    Aged FB Accounts With Cookies

    Hello, I need 4 US female Facebook aged accounts with cookies and these accounts must be warm up. I wanted some quality accounts with activities/photos/friends. Let me know if you can provide me quality accounts. I cannot reply here so please message me for discussion and deal. P.S: I will...
  17. M

    Need Aged Facebook Accounts With Activity

    Hey guys! I want to buy 10-20 4+ years old Facebook accounts with regular activity (at least once a month), many images and 300+ friends. They should either be from the USA / Canada or from Europe. If you have some, add me on sкypэ: moritz.fasching and send me the links to the profiles that...
  18. M

    WANTED: Aged female Instagram & Facebook accounts.

    Hi guys, I am looking for a big number of aged female Instagram & Facebook Accounts. We will use them to acquire influencers, so it's important that these accounts look&feel 100% real. Moreover, they must - have at least 500 followers - a lot of photos of this person on the profile - likes...
  19. Zeda5

    How to act with bought FB ACC and not get banned

    Hello, recently I bought about 4-5years old FB acc. How should I act with them to not get banned? Because I guess if I just start inviting friends etc. I will get blocked immediately.
  20. Toxic Candy

    High Quality Old & New Facebook Accounts

    High Quality Old & New Facebook Accounts Non Pva Fresh Profile = 0.80$ Per Account Pva Fresh Profile = 1.50$ Per Account 1-6 Month Aged = 2.50$ Per Account 1 Year Aged = 3.25$ Per Account 2-3 Year Aged = 4$ Per account Accounts With Business Manager = 8$ Per Account **We Can Provide Discount...
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