1. La Mascara

    What is the average price for a blue verified Fanpage⁉️

    Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day. Lately, I've been researching how to purchase a Facebook verified page for my business, and I've noticed that there is a wide variation in prices. I was wondering if someone could guide me and share what the most common price range is on the...
  2. thesyndicate

    How do you make a link in a image, this is for an affliate page.

    This image below is not the website image. It is something totally different.Howw do they make a link go to that image?
  3. WinningCircle

    Journey - £1000 P/M with Facebook & TikTok Page

    Summary I'll be utilising my facebook page & tiktok page to earn money via the Creativity Program Beta & Affiliate commisions. How? Posting videos on TikTok and earning money via Creativity Program Beta Posting reels on Facebook and earning money via Ads on Reels Adding affiliate links to...
  4. H

    Facebook Blast

    any tools to scarp and automaticlly send message at facebook / blasting ?
  5. N

    Best Tools to run multiple Telegram accounts

    Hey guys! I'm looking for that can run multiple Telegram accounts. Like any tools or bots. And also that could configure each account with different proxy. Also, does anyone know how many facebook/twitter accounts can be run with each residential proxy. Thanks.
  6. nachovarga

    where can i buy german accounts

    hello where can i buy german accounts
  7. daddyj2

    Facebook ads manager hacked | need help

    Hi guy's good day,just want to ask help. My facebook account was hacked few days ago thankfully I recovered it but the hacker is still using my ad account to promote his ads and I cant find a way how to stop him from doing that. How do I remove him or stop him from using my ad account? TIA
  8. A

    Facebook Automation Tool

    Greetings everyone! I'm looking for someone to discuss a little project – developing a tool that helps to automate some basic actions on Facebook (likes, invites, comments, etc) and do some scenarios based on these basic actions by FB profile ID. Is there any developers who experienced in such...
  9. Lincoln Rhyme

    Page died. Any solution??

    The facebook page died a lot. Just post ads, they will die. Is there any way to fix this?
  10. K

    How to hide my tracks? (Card, IP, footprints)

    I saw that I cannot leave my tracks to the face, nor put the same card in the same advertising accounts. How do I hide my computer and card data? Eu vi que não posso deixar meus rastros para o face, nem colocar o mesmo cartão nas mesmas contas de anuncios. Como faço para esconder meu computador...
  11. E


    Hi, is there any way to DM group of people in bulk and the message goes into request not into filter spam. Cause i want to grow my facebook group by doing DM to the members of others group.
  12. Bigcookies

    Social sharing

    What would happened if you used a social sharing tool to add a bunch of friends then send them all to your site? How would this impact the site aside from getting more traffic? Would there be any negative effects? If so what would they be?
  13. R

    Buying Aged Facebook Page

    Hey guys! I need Facebook pages that were created before 2017. If you have some, hit me up! Regards!
  14. S

    Link Reach 0

    Hello guys I really need help. I put links on my pages but they get 0 reach and pics get normal reach. Is there any resolve for this problem? If yes please help me.
  15. swik

    Track keywords on Fb groups.

    I just discover this tool. its allow you to track keywords on Fb groups. Im not related to them but thought it wiill be usefull for some of you. Creating account is free but 0.07/notification https://groouply.com/
  16. heatherwoodAZ

    Looking for email data scraping services

    Need to scrape emails quickly for some Twitter accounts' followers, perhaps IG if they can be gathered, LinkedIn and some Facebook groups. Let me know your rates and turn around time. Thanks!
  17. Reyfr

    Monetize 30k daily French views

    Hi There !!! We generate daily an average of 30k french views in entertainment category ( Funny video, Jokes...) on Wordpress website and the traffic coming from messenger bot ... We monetize with Adsense + Taboola but we are not happy with the result ... (100€/ Per days) Any idea how we...
  18. Syed Zahin

    Facebook Problem

    hi, i have faced problems with fb account. facebook ask for my accounts, checkpoint with number phone, i add number phone to unlock and i put the sms code and after i add the sms code for unlocking ,facebook ask instantly checkpoint with selfie photo,is that normal nowdays?
  19. N

    Free Websites That Are Allowed On Facebook?

    I made a website on AwardSpace.com and I'm trying to promote it on Facebook. The problem is I used one of their free domains (.getenjoyment.net) and now the links are constantly getting flagged and removed. I'm trying out an idea to generate income so I don't want to invest any money upfront...
  20. I

    My admin account fb page blocked

    Hello friends I have my fb account since 2008 is blocked for 7 days, the big problem is that I have a page of over 800K fun with a single admin that is blocked I hope to help me to unlock my fb account to access my page fb cordially
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