Facebook Automation Tool


Sep 5, 2022
Greetings everyone! I'm looking for someone to discuss a little project – developing a tool that helps to automate some basic actions on Facebook (likes, invites, comments, etc) and do some scenarios based on these basic actions by FB profile ID.

Is there any developers who experienced in such a field?
Is there any developers who experienced in such a field?
You would find them by posting in the "Hire a Freelancer" section as relevant devs can more readily discover your post that way; you can pay the person for their time/knowledge or have them code it for you.
If you're looking for a facebook auto poster, I have a contact who can provide you white label of the software/google chrome extension. PM me if want more details.
Hey, can you please PM me and provide your contact, please? As I can't pm yet
And thanks others for suggestion, gonna post full info in "Hire" section
Like others have said you can hire someone. If you are going to do it yourself and have specific programming questions you can post to programming for help.
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