facebook automation

  1. dillywilly

    New To FB but have ton of other platforms experience

    Hey im new to facebook automation (but not to IG/Twt autobation/botting) and i scraped about 100k group users in my specific niche and i want to build the 10 facebook accounts i own into a brand for example ( change the name to the brand, photo of the service , cover photo with details ) and i...
  2. nazmulfeni4

    ✅ Create 1000+ Facebook Accounts Per Day or More ✅ Make $500/Month Easily (Proven Method) ⭐ Lifetime Access

    ✅ Create 1000+ FB Account Per Day ✅ Make $500/Month Easily (Proven Method) ⭐ Lifetime Access (50% OFF) This is a straightforward Sales thread. If you are looking to create thousands of Facebook accounts within few hours/days, this software is for you. I have developed this tool to create bulk...
  3. Peter Turner

    1 Review Copy - Socinator -The Social Dominator- Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|Linkedin|Reddit|Youtube|Tumblr|Quora

    Hello everyone, I am providing one review copy for the marketplace approval of my BST. Software Description : Socinator is the ultimate social media marketing software. With seamless, easy-to-use interface and powerful automation features, it lets you streamline your social media workflow...
  4. A

    Facebook Automation Tool

    Greetings everyone! I'm looking for someone to discuss a little project – developing a tool that helps to automate some basic actions on Facebook (likes, invites, comments, etc) and do some scenarios based on these basic actions by FB profile ID. Is there any developers who experienced in such...
  5. mxx7

    ➡️ [FMS] The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Automation Software ⭐️

    FoxMaster Suite Flexible, advanced Facebook marketing automation solution Re-Targeting ➡️ Send Bulk message to all people in your Page(s) Inbox ➡️ Send Bulk message to all Facebook users using Multiple Accounts. ➡️ Features to extract Phone numbers from your Page conversations...

    Doesn't Facebook Care about copyrighted content on it's pages? Facebook's Current methods.

    From past week I am highly focused on Facebook trying to build multiple Facebook pages so that I can start earning through Instream ads. I have noticed that 40% of the Facebook pages are using some copyrighted content like some scenes from movies or TV show, random internet videos, compilation...
  7. hims.000

    ( Discussion) Facebook Automation tool - Facebook Social toolkit Latest Version

    hi I want to discuss this fantastic tool. once I was a huge fan of this chrome extension. Now it is removed from the google chrome webstore. Do you know is it worth using? Recently I have found its new version but I need to pay for it for the licence key.. I don't know what should I do...
  8. G

    Auto poster Facebook Groups

    Hi, I found this tool https://www.pilotposter.com/ that allows you to set up a schedule on how often you want to post something on different FB Groups. Of course it doesn't use the FB API. I have to implement something similar and 100+ different people with different accounts will be using it...
  9. lowridertj

    Facebook automation or post frequency tutorial

    I originally replied to YoujinTan over on https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/is-there-any-standard-limit-come-fb-groups-posting.1194338/ First you need to understand something. Facebook needs trained. I have done a lot of automating of Facebook and other social networks and what I've learned...
  10. emvam

    Facebook Group

    Hello everyone, i'm new and haven't too much knowledge about this topic, actually i wanna add more than 10k members in my group. I wanna do this project using autopilot so which tool i should use and how. Can anyone help me step by step. Thanks in advance
  11. Netro

    Klype - The next gen automation software [Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter]

    Dominate the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest marketing. Get Klype now! Refund Policy: (This policy is subject to change upon feedback and service growth) As for now all sales are final and there won't be refunds once Klype has been activated. You will be subjected for a refund only...
  12. DonKing19

    What Facebook Groups Auto Poster Do You Use?

    I am thinking about going all out with free Facebook marketing, posting to high member groups in my niches.. Since I am new to Facebook marketing.. Please advise which is the best Facebook groups poster you use?.. I tried the "free" ones but in the end they are not actually "free".. I have...
  13. Peter Turner

    Socinator -The Social Dominator- Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|Linkedin|Reddit|Youtube|Tumblr|Quora|etc

  14. sam.hunt0710

    Socinator - All in one Social Media Automation Software - Beta Testers Needed

    Hey Everyone, I am glad to finally announce the official Beta release of Socinator - A brand new ALL-IN-ONE Social Media Automation and Management Software. This tool is built based on our past experience and co-operation of some successful Social Media Influencers and Money Makers. And we...
  15. Rolf LeStrange

    Facebook's group posting limit

    Heyyo, I just did some Facebook group post automation and got a temp block at 52 group posts (51 were identical posts). It blocked me for something like 28.5 hours; no idea why that dumbass number was chosen. I know that Facebook wants to beat us all with lead pipes until we buy their lame...
  16. B

    Looking for facebook bot !

    Hi , does anyone know any facebook bot , that can join groups scrapped or of my choise , set up campaings and posts with many facebook accounts at those groups in a fast way ?Dm will spintax would be good i tried ninjablaster , but i need something faster than that thanx !
  17. tr3bla915

    Form Data > Post to Facebook Page?

    Is there any methods for setting up a self ran Facebook Page? Here's the idea: Form you fill out the form data is then posted to Facebook Page. This will eliminate the having to create content
  18. I

    Built a scraping program extracting FB Group member data if anyone interested

    Hi All I have a custom made program that automatically scrapes Facebook group member profile data. Basically you go into your selected group, list the members and commence the program and it will continue scraping until all members data have been downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet. This...
  19. bonito84

    Facebook automation solution for Mac?

    Hi guys I've been reading good stuff about snaware, but it's only for PC. I was wondering if you know any automation tool/solution for mac? Thank you so much in advance.
  20. S

    How manage 80 fanpage and profiles in auto

    Hello, i need manage 80 fan pages and personal profiles in automatic. My primary need is growth fans with contests and viral content And also -find and subscribe to groups -find friends in other fanpages and invite to like us -others that help to growth I tried massplanner but is very...
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