1. dillywilly

    Small Scraping job

    Hello I need someone to scrape CrailgsList titles for certain Category in State/ city and compile the Exported titles by keyword popularity ( i know theres scripts out there already but i have no coding skills to run them lol ) for example title_keyword_1 845 results title_keyword_2 630...
  2. dillywilly

    Reverse FB profile lookup to find phone /email

    Hello Is there a way to search for FB users, phone numbers, or emails by reversing Facebook profile lookups? I'm aware of websites like White Pages and BeenVerified. If I have a list of 100k FB profiles, is there a way to automate this process by using a script to import the profiles and extract...
  3. A

    Need help extract table from website

    Please need help extract HTML table for each keyword searched and save them in a CSV file. The code I used is: import requests import random import csv import time import numpy from bs4 import BeautifulSoup from time import sleep # Read the keywords from a file with open("keywords.txt", "r")...
  4. B

    Hiring someone to extract APK file content from a MOOC course app

    Looking for someone that can extract APK files from a MOOC course app (kind of like Coursera and Udemy) and be able to show the files in an easy to navigate way. Basically, I'm looking for the answers to some MOOC course exams. I've already tried with Bluestack/Nox and viewing the actual file...
  5. sony108

    I need your knowledge. from jpg. to edit in word

    Hi, I need to extract text from an image of a book in JPG. To be able to edit that text in word, does anyone know how I can do it? thx in advance. All the best!
  6. eaglesWTF

    [WTH] Regex data extraction from raw text files expert

    Hello, I have ton of raw text data in .txt format files. I need someone which knows how to extract specific data, to clean, extract, and take required data from raw text files. Please ping me here on PM we will talk about details. Thank you
  7. nantoli10

    extract followers of follower on twitter

    Let's say I want to extract the followers of the followers of @CNN is there a pre-made script or tool for that? Google won't help me on this one haha
  8. Maoky

    Facebook Groups and Emails

    I was wondering how could extract emails from facebook groups, I've been reading and watching a lot of methods: atomic mail hunter (which is a good one but not suitable for this), online scrapers and so forth but anything works. I know that facebook has changed and it's way more difficult to get...
  9. iAhmed

    How can it be useful to have too much data ?

    I can extract too much data of Facebook profiles from pages/groups and filter it according to: - Birthdate - Mobile number - Email - Country (Location) - Account language (that the user sees facebook with) How can it be useful for me ? Can i sell it ? and can i sell the emails or numbers ?
  10. - WSA - WordSmith Agency

    How to extract Facebook Emails ?

    Hi guys does anyone know how to extract Facebook emails from groups or etc.. ??
  11. alexio

    Twitter extract bio

    Hello, I want to know if there is a tool/bot/app to download the bio of users (including the website of the users) ? thanks
  12. A

    emails from forum

    Not sure if BHW is the right place to ask. I need a person to extract emails from a forum, also if possible from a particular website. Is such thing even possible ?
  13. S

    I need someone to extract 1.2M emails for me

    I have a forum site with 1.5M members,i need someone to extract 1.2M emails for me If you're game leave your details.Ps
  14. S

    Email List Vendors - Can you extract emails and get paid?

    I need some emails extracted from a few websites i have gathered.I have forums with emails i need extracted. I need 1M or 2M extracted.If you're interested in this project,contact me Pm me with your skype details.
  15. NamenloserHeld

    Whats the Fastest/Reliable Way to extract Internal and/or External Links from Websites

    Hi, im seeking a new good way to get links extracted from a website. The tool should be able to get nearly ALL internal links (external would be cool too). Atm i used a mix of programms to get my stuff done. What do you guys use to get links extracted 1click and fast? Would be cool if someone...
  16. F

    For Hire: Gmail contacts scrape

    I have a college email address through Gmail, as does everyone else at my school. I am trying to send a mass email to the whole student body (to advertise a service specific to our school) but don't know a way to export all the email addresses on the list serve. I know this is possible on...
  17. F

    URLtoDOMAIN - fast and sure way of extracting domains or subdomains from URL

    I wouldn't call it a 'black SEO' tool - it is rather for webmasters who want to go the right way and disavow bad incoming links : ). Maybe some of you will also find it useful because it can save time - URLtoDOMAIN (cannot add full link here).
  18. J

    How to extract emails out of a huge list?

    Okay i have about 100k emails but the problem is they are formatted up like this Amanda,LastName,INSERT EMAIL HERE,1275 Address Ave.,Red Wing,MN,55066,6513886397,1/16/2010 21:16,66.xxx.147.35 Next,line,of,the,exact,same,thing Is there anyway to exctract just the emails into a comma separated...
  19. R

    Need a bot to scrape/extract quotes from website

    Looking for someone that can build a simple bot to extract/scrape quotes from a website. It would need to be from newest to oldest and the ability to save to text file. Also i want it to space the contact apart and do as many pages as i need.
  20. darwin33

    Extracting URL from reviews website

    There is a website where people write reviews about other sites. I want to extract the URLs of the reviewed websites. I have SB but i don't know how to do it properly. Example: www."website".com/reviews/"www.site-i-want-to-extract.com" A crawler is practically what I'd need probably, with...
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