1. Triple D

    Target advertising through Facebook

    Hello everyone, I usually don't hang out on forums like this, but I somehow ended up here, probably because of some cool SEO :D I specialize in targeted advertising on Facebook/Instagram, you know, the type where ads pop up right in your feed/stories and prompt you to submit an application. I...
  2. Determined Diva

    10k coaching? Really?

    Hey everyone I hope it's going great with you guys. I am a little baffled as to the price tag of $10,000 per coaching package from marketers. Last night I came across an advert asking me to sign up for a $10k course or an installment payment method of $997 a month for 12 months. What does one...
  3. Rohan Walter

    What's the difference between ads and marketing?

    When I speak marketing, I understand making ads and posting them on different platforms (TV, banners, social media, etc). So what's the real job of a marketer and why are they so expensive to hire? Thanks!
  4. ContentWriter

    Is a More Expensive Copyscape Worth Every Penny?

    Okay, so I received this email from Copyscape: http://prntscr.com/hvjhuv. I have been using Copyscape for the longest time. Though I understand their explanation in sustainability, I think pumping it to 300% just like that would really hurt my pocket. Do you think it's okay to pay "Only 3c...
  5. bgp90

    Micro Niche site with expensive products

    Hi all, I'm planning to build a micro niche site. I've found some nice and easy kw's. The keywords that I found are the ones that belong to expensive products ( few thousands $ per product). And I'm not sure if it would bring me any money. Sure most people would immediately jump on. But I have...
  6. ReneBHW

    Sell my products

    If someone is interested to sell my products .Beautiful dress with expensive material.Someone who has a site or anything else that he thinks that my products can sell write on me.Serious partner.
  7. B

    I have expensive domain name, how to sell it?

    Hello guys, I am new at this so i am not sure if i am giving right information. I own worthy domain (I wont leave a link because maybe i spam) but it is very popular. People tell me i can sell it for about $500,000 but i am not sure how to do it.Some people tell me to sell it on Godaddy or...
  8. P

    Why SEO services are so EXPENSIVE ??

    Ok I agree that I dont know too much about search engine optimisation 'n all this stuff. BUT, why the hell those services are soo expensive?? Does it takes months or ages to seo a site ?? Do you need to invest that money to successfuly rank his/her site ? The content you need for a search engine...
  9. A

    AdWords 10x more expensive than advertised

    When I looked at price of click for my niche, it was around $0.03 for positions 1-3. Now Google is charging me $0.33 for click. What's going wrong? Ok, I made a really, really nice web site, lots of pics, lots of info, lots of user comments and so on. So it is not site.- And I split keywords...
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