1. rickhustler

    OnlyFans Management OFM - Guide

    wasup guys. I'm looking for networking with people who already make money with an OFM agency. If you already make money, DM me so we can exchange some materials and knowledge. tg: @hustlerofm
  2. N


    I made yesterday a new instagram profile, post some no nudes pictures for beginning 3 and get some followers in one day i got 50followers and 200 following Also my story had 75 views and really successful engagement. Like per photo 25-30 likes and on avarage 5-7 comments on post. But listen...
  3. V

    Where to go next from Ewhoring?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for advice here. I've been doing ewhoring for a few years and I've gotten very good at it. Even now though people have said it's too saturated I can easily do $300+ days if I want to put in the work. The thing is I no longer want to put in the work. I'm getting tired of...
  4. UnSeenXX


    Hello guys,Can someone help me with E-whoring?
  5. CPAN00B

    NOOB HERE no longer getting $ for CPA

    I cloaked my affiliate links using pretty link on wordpress and sent some chat traffic to them. Everything worked, but suddenly I stopped making money. I know for sure that at least 20 users have performed the necessary action for the CPA link, but my stats are showing clicks and no leads...
  6. P

    Offline-Online Blackhat PPC Strategies

    Brief Intro I mentioned in my previous post that I made a shitload of money back in the day with adult related CPA (eWhoring + surveys mostly). Though it did get a bit more blackhat... While there's some stuff I'm unwilling to reveal, and I also don't want people to PM me asking for methods, I...
  7. N

    Making a Fake Account

    Hi guys! I'm new to BlackHat forums and I've heard you all are very good at solving problems for people so I thought I would ask. Where could I get free picture pack to create a guy facebook with profile pictures. I need 10+ profile pictures of one guy that doesn't look like the most disgusting...
  8. L

    [Questions] Strategy for Myspace

    hi, One of my first posts here, but I have read a bit. Anyway, my current status is I am working on my own bot to handle things using php/cURL...I have gotten the code working well enough to log in, and send a friend request (without a note). Ok here is a bit of stream-of-consciousness for...
  9. C

    Expert Needed for Advise and I will pay you fot it.

    Hi, I will start by saying that I have been a member here for over a year and always love to come back and read around threads and learn. I now need help and I don't pretend to get it for free like many people do here, so I am willing to pay decently to the right person who can help me with what...
  10. X

    Anybody Making Money With OmegaCash

    I found OmegaCash today and they are a 1-900 dating service with an affiliate program.Has anybody here used them or currently using them?Are they any good?
  11. G

    Is it me? or is it getting real difficult to earn money?

    hello guys my previous post was in wrong section so it got deleted.anyways ill try to repost it. I was a good internet entrepreneur 3 years back with earnings reaching 2000$ a month. but i left all this for 2 years and since the past year i am trying to earn online trying every fool proof...
  12. blackma

    I Need To Know What To Say To My Dating Niche List

    Ok here is my situation, I have control of a small dating site (well sex site actually) that has 83 members. My particular affiliate programme allows me to send 4 newsletters a month to these members in order to increase sales. But I have no clue what to write to them :o. I don't want to...
  13. J

    AdultDateLink Shaving Massively?...

    I signed up to adult date link (ADL) today and switched aload of methods from cash university over to them to see how I did. Things are going pretty well but...Ive been tracking the amount of traffic ive sent to them today through a bit.ly link thats hidden in a blog redirect and I make it...
  14. blackma

    Getting laid through an adult site...

    I have been e-whoring now for months and after thousands of sign-ups, I often pause reflectively, look up to the sky and wonder do any of these guys ever end-up getting laid? I have a strong feeling that most of the sites that I promote are often just full of fake-bot members (like DP & WF)...
  15. D

    VCC source that accepted by CL ?

    Ive been searching for a good source for virtual credit cards to post in the CL adult section, but i havent had much luck. All the sources i've found make you run your money through 3-4 banks and then $100 ends up only being 20. Anyone have any advice? Thanks
  16. S

    How many threats have you received in your ewhoring career?

    It's true the more sales, the more threats, the more money the more problem, i've made exactly 13 sales just this morning ewhoring and i can't stop despite all this threats making me shivver in my boots You're all welcome to share your experience
  17. S

    PayPal email address

    If I add an email address to a PayPal account can someone find out all of the other emails attached and associated to that email address/account? I'm thinking specifically ewhoring, some dude wants to send "katie" some money! lol
  18. harizd

    Incentive offers + E-whoring ?

    Hello guys, I've been reading through the e-whoring forum here and i made a quick $5 last night by using some random video of a hot cam girl. Now, I would like to know if e-whoring can go well with the incentive offers across various CPA networks ? It shouldn't take a lot of time to convince...
  19. thesmashge

    My post In BHW comes 3rd when i Type Ewhoring in Google

    I just Typed Eworing and i am surpriced to see the test of my post listed third in google. The result doesn't exactly show my post directly...But it contains the text of my Post 'My method of Ewhoring for Traffic' It feels good to find something i write in google's front page....
  20. thesmashge

    My method to Use Ewhoring GET Traffic

    Hi this is my First Contributing Post.Pls don't flame if you don't like this. I read many eWhoring techniques here.My problem is i am Asian and no CPA offers pay for Asian traffic.So i came up this method to use Ewhoring to get Traffic to a site i own.You can also use this method to get Traffic...
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