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Jul 9, 2009
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I have been e-whoring now for months and after thousands of sign-ups, I often pause reflectively, look up to the sky and wonder do any of these guys ever end-up getting laid?

I have a strong feeling that most of the sites that I promote are often

just full of fake-bot members (like DP & WF) esp. the female members.

Has anybody here gotten laid through dating site or at least know of anybody who has gotten laid??

E-bating doesn't count!

Come on, do tell. We are all friends here... :)
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My neighbor met his current G/F through CL. LMAO. No lie.
Met my current g/f on myspace. Yes I am a real life E-whore
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i met some whores on CL who just wanted to drink my booze then leave, a few years ago
Come to think about it I have met a couple girls (and yes gotten laid) through Yahoo chat. I mean, it wasn't like we chatted for 10 minutes and decided to hook up. We went out a few times first. So yeah, I guess its possible some of these guys are getting lucky.
long time dating affiliate here; i've met at least 2 hot girls on CL (and a few psychos), more than 10 on myspace a year or 2 back. even pulled a real girl off of fling once!! keepin the dream alive ;) i like picking up girls online because at least you know they can read. i just moved to LA and posted an add on CL and had 5 real girls hit me up and NO bots or autoreplies!!! shame on you fellow marketers, i should have gotten at least 3 links

LA is a paid section of CL that might have contributed to lack of link responses.
Have met ladies through YM back in the heydays and AFF has been very good to me!
I bought a hooker off of craigslist one time


EDIT: i remember meeting a girl for a group activity thing (non sex) and got laid from her. (true story bro, but she was crazy)
I met my current girlfriend through Myspace about 4 years ago. Glad to report we're still together and going strong.
my aunt in canada met his current bf on pof and they intend to get married soon. i told her to be careful of fakes and even pm'd her using my ewhore account lol.

If you reply to at least 1000 CE posts on CL you can achieve this kind of glory too!
No one will believe this & i still don't really believe it myself...

I used to ewhore POF alot & one nite i was really stoned & a little bit drunk...this crazy idea popped into my mind :)

The crazy idea was creating a funny fake guys profile for shits and giggles. I started searching for funny ugly people photos & once i found the right photo with a ugly guy wearing a costume, i sucked on another beer or two & started writing a piss take profile of the ultimate loser guy... over-weight, out of shape, unemployed, uneducated, bankrupt, and a bit on the dramatic and psychotic side depending on which personality we are dealing with at the time.

After i posted that profile i got about 3-10 hot woman contacting ME, per day, its the perfect autopilot chick magnet ever. Woman love funny guys, & because of the reverse psychology they think i really must be rich, fit & sane & not bullshitting :)

Hot woman arn't used to guys playing hard to get with them and it totally fucks with their head when i reply to there msg's with:

i know what your up too... your just trying to sweet talk me, so you can "borrow" my outfit. Woman are sooooo predictable, your just after one costume

I have a funny feeling your one of those obsessive crazy girls that constantly txt msg, ph call & want to move into my house after the first week

so yeah, you can get laid ALOT if can game the system blackhat style.
how could they keep selling the dating site if no one ever got laid?

thats like a casino with no winners. Its gotta work for some of the guys, or else they won't keep paying to use the service.
I close chicks for dates in under 30 secounds on oasisactive its simple when you are a sales man say something nice like wow your so pretty prob the best looking chick on this site while there emotions are high you get there number straight away and u normaly take them out that night or the next night the key is dont chat too much or they will only be your friends do the power sales trip and speak with confidence on the ph i am prob the best looking and most modest guy on this site ra ra ra tell them what they want to hear ph chat is about 3 to ten minutes close them meet with them and ur on
I had this older lady send me messages all the time. Judging by her photos I definitely would have.
Meeting people online, bleh, i have a few friends who did it though, worked well for them.
how could they keep selling the dating site if no one ever got laid?

thats like a casino with no winners. Its gotta work for some of the guys, or else they won't keep paying to use the service.

No no my friend they are not buying sex. They are buying the hope of getting sex. They sign up with their cock not with their head.
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