1. Munni

    Looking for eWhore Pack

    I am looking for eWhore Packs. Not only pics & vids but also Cams. Actually I am looking for eWhore HQ Cam Packs. If any one willing to share I will be thankful. If any want want to sell Give me proof of quality, If I like I will must buy that pack. Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad...
  2. hfinfo

    Looking for cam sites which accept chat traffic for pps offers

    Hi guys I'm looking for a pps offers of cams sites which accept chat traffic . We have experience of doing pps for around 5 years . Anyone who have legit pps offer for cam site can contact to me on skype: [email protected]
  3. supermoon

    [Wanted] Adult affiliate network with weekly pay

    As the title say I am looking for recommendations for a network that pays weekly and preferably through Payoneer. They should also allow chat traffic and such spammy methods.
  4. P

    Ex-Blackhat Thinking of Getting Back into the Game

    Long story short: I was an extremely successful adult marketer. I mean average 14.3% conversion rate on CPA scaled extensively, spamming all mid-high traffic adult sites and forums. Made shitloads of money, (never withdrew from CPA sites as I don't trust the bastards, I sold those accounts for...
  5. blackma

    Anyone Recommend A Good Email AutoResponder?

    I need a good, reliable, delayed autoresponder for gmail, yahoo or Hotmail (or anyone of these email providers) Need it for e-whoring. Any recommendations? Had heard some good things about Torple, but also some bad things and their website torple.com seems to be down. blackma:)
  6. R

    ePimping method

    This is my story of my first attempt at making money online When I first found this site I tried the ewhoring, and it made like zero money, why you ask? well because its hard to talk some one into paying for something that they could get for free. So I thought to myself, if money is going...
  7. blackma

    Getting laid through an adult site...

    I have been e-whoring now for months and after thousands of sign-ups, I often pause reflectively, look up to the sky and wonder do any of these guys ever end-up getting laid? I have a strong feeling that most of the sites that I promote are often just full of fake-bot members (like DP & WF)...
  8. X

    Get Paid Twice Over From One Adult Site

    I was thinking today about everybody talking about ewhoring and all the money they are making and it hit me...All ewhores could be making double off one affiliate.As for me I push porn and they have video site,cams and other things.Anyhow,short and sweet.If your married this is perfect or you...
  9. N

    Lanched a Landing Page And made my friend some $$$$

    At first I typed Alot....But if your like me...I want things right to the point....Okay Point is....In a couple of hours I made my friend around 48.00 dollars off a landing page I designed and sat him down on his computer with friendblaster blasting the hell out of 14-17 yr old horny teens...
  10. J

    New and needs tips on affiliate sites

    sup guys, im new to this site and was wondering if anyone had some tips they can give me about affiliate sites and how i can get started any info would be much appreciated.
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