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    This is my story of my first attempt at making money online

    When I first found this site I tried the ewhoring, and it made like zero money, why you ask? well because its hard to talk some one into paying for something that they could get for free.

    So I thought to myself, if money is going into these cams sites via the customers where are the places that it is coming out of that system.
    the answer is simple through web based studio's

    here is how the cam sites work
    they pay people to drive traffic to the models live streams by direct links or by white page prefab websites
    they also pay a % of the income they get for a models performance to the studio that hired the model
    that studio sends a part of the money they receive to the model.

    So I signed up as a studio, posted a couple of adds on craigslist and backpage and started getting emails from people wanting to sign up to strip on cam.
    at the end of the first week I decided to make a webpage to help my studio look more legit(because it was legit)

    In the first few weeks I got lucky and got a few good working models. I was making $200 a week which is not bad for just starting out.

    Per day I probably spend 2 hours total working, my day went like this
    post ads with multiple accounts to avoid ghosting(ads would rotate through accounts to maintain a constant presents on front pages of craigslist.
    watch some TV for a few hours
    check email and respond

    what I needed from potential models was two pics one of their face and one full body shot non-nude for their profiles a copy of their ID to verify their age, a couple of stage name choices, and for them to fill out a 2257 compliance form.

    now to be completely honest, my early success was alot of luck. here are the things to remember if you chose to do this
    half of the people who start the sign up process will not finish it.
    of the people who finish the start up process, about half of them will never broadcast.
    of the ones who do broadcast, most of them will never get a single private chat. which means they will work for hours and not make a dime, and if they don't make money you don't make money.
    If you do this you will Always be hiring new people.

    about a month in all the models I had at the start had quit/stopped broadcasting. they where making money when they did broadcast, but they moved on any way.
    most models last about a month, if you want to make a lot of money you will need a lot of models.

    My early goal was to have 200 models I got to about 15 before I got a bad batch of models. this past week I was able to hire a model a day.
    but not a one of them is able to get a private chat, and that is the real downside to this. you will get hit with models who do not want to work or who do not know how to turn a chat into a private chat that will make them some money. Some of them to not even understand that private chats is the only time they are paid.
    Lots of guys sign up thinking they will be chatting with girls, and when they find out they will only be chatting with dudes they get pissed.

    the biggest pain in the ass about doing this is the emails you have to deal with. every single one of them will fill our the online application if you make one wrong, forcing you to ask them to fill it out again. most of them will get all paranoid about sending you a copy of their ID, and every single male that signs up will send a pic of his dick. no matter how often you tell them not too.
    and if your unlucky you will get stuck with a ton of lazy ass models.

    craigslist is flooded with webcam studio's right now but there are still plenty of models out there to get hired on. my suggestion is to be a substudio because then you will get a hire pay rate and be able to ask your main studio all the questions you want.

    so here is a link to my site so you can see what it looked like
    here is a link to the studio I was under, they are well established and have a team of people all working on hiring models.
    we hired models for vsmedia
    livejasmin also uses webstudio's if you want to try your luck there
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    Sorry for posting on an old thread but I loved it. Im starting something similar my self, I found one that pays me for finding agents as well as models.