1. Porter.parter

    Have you promoted webcam models through advertising networks?

    I want to expand my marketing, as I am getting offers to promote rooms on webcam. Most often it is Stripchat. In addition to organic promotion on Reddit, I want to try advertising networks. I often see ads for webcam models on porn sites I have 4 questions: 1. Are publishers important when...
  2. balaklava

    Have a very large network of models... does it make sense to create a clone webcam site?

    I've got a very large network of models (100's) throughout Latin America that are all either currently or interested in working in the adult space. We manage some of them as OF models and are scaling that but we don't have the interest nor capacity to manage 100's at a time currently. Curious...
  3. F

    Anyone using scripts for Cam Affiliation?

    Hello, is anyone using any script or tool for webcam affiliation marketing ? Like roboscripts or similar? I knew about the old roboscripts which was really useful but now seems gone, or at least the original website is down(?) What do you guys use for make your life easier on promoting your...
  4. D

    CAM4 affiliate program revshare. What do you think?

    Hello, What do you think about CAM4 Affiliate program with revshare ? i am a bit skeptical for 2 reasons: 1) none talks about it on forums 2) on their website they advertise their livejasmin whitelabel. WHAT?? why do they have a whitelabel with livejasmin and advertise it on their main site...
  5. G

    Cam aggregator script

    So after Roboscripts is no longer an option. Is there an alternative these days ? I know of: Mechbunny aggregator xshows aggregator are there any others ? Anyone tried something?
  6. M

    i need a viewer bot / traffic bot for chaturbate please reply asap

    Hello guys, I’m a top model on chaturbate and lately my views and numbers has decreased I am in need of a traffic view bot that is consistent of 1000-2000 views or more that stays that way during my streams
  7. ukglamcam

    Adult Site Owner

    HI All! I am Leighanne - a newish adult webcam site owner I decided to build my own platform nearly 2 years ago and it has now been live for about 9 months... I am struggling with the client to model balance - one minute i have active 'clients' but no models - the next I have models and no...
  8. B

    Snapchat premium model need

    Hello everyone Looking some expart and Must have previous experience on this job. adult model Agency or team Who can work with me snap premium or adult topic. I have lot of hq usa snapchats adds Perday i handle snap traffic you drive your model. Per day chating your model minimum 5k adds...
  9. AnoniX

    Wank me to the moon! - A webcam affiliate journey

    Hi, after now 2 years on this forum I think it's time to share my journey here too, after I took so much helping informations from this community. I will share here experiences and results with my webcam affiliate buisness and hope it may can motivate others and myself too. I also have a...
  10. S

    webcam viewer bot cam4 chaturbate xvideos

    i have been looking for webcam viewer bot since ages but couldn't find any but i have found a paid bot for cam4 chaturbate xvideos which is good, can someone null or crack it demo works only for 24 hour link
  11. Kairos Vardoger

    How to get traffic to ADULT sites?

    Hi, I'm looking for ways to get traffic to 18+ adult sites...such as webcam and gambling sites. Any help would be great! Thanks :D
  12. peterhuko

    WTB - Want to Buy (ADULT-related email list)

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a list of WEBCAM PERFORMERS' email addresses. I don't need name or any other information, a list of email addresses of webcam performers. No high bounce rates of course. Thank you!
  13. R

    Getting real organic Instagram Follower (Webcam Girl)

    Hey im working as a Webcam Girl - and try to find new methods to get an passive income. My Instagram is growing slowly, set it on private and take really care of what I post, got banned really fast because if the content seems to explicit (even it isn't) people report you. What Ideas do you...
  14. N

    Chaturbate views bot

    Posted this a couple of times before. I need a chaturbate views bot. The bot should; 1.log in to accounts using the proxies the accounts were made with. 2. Send the accounts to view a chat room Please contact me if you can do this
  15. Y

    Adult whitelabel journey/experiment

    This is my first attempt at an adult whitelable webcam site. I tend to start many projects as bare bones and simple as I can, and if I see any sign of success I will go full steam. Started 2 weeks ago I bought my own domain name and changed the dns to the whitelabel host. The site is live and...
  16. N

    Chaturbate views bot

    Like the title says. I want a bot/platform that can give my girls views. I should be able to control how many views come on and add or remove accordingly without all the views going away. Let me know what I need for this (proxies, servers etc) and how much you will charge
  17. seo diagrams

    The Best Webtraffic Strategy for my Webcam Studio???

    hello everyone :anyway: i have Webcam Studios in South America , work with chaturbate, MyfreeCams, skyPrivate , Etc... i need good Strategy of WebTraffic to my models when they are online o_O I receive suggestions , if you have good strategy of real webtraffic . i have lot of friends with...
  18. S Live Cams Help

    Hey everyone I've been doing affiliate Marketing for chaturbate and stripchat and I did Google search on making my own cam site and one of the articles I read said something about using for live cams, i was just wondering if anyone has any information on it, such as: Would my users...
  19. S

    Couple on Chaturbate looking to increase viewers

    Looking for any methods to increase viewers for my girlfriend and I. We stream on Chaturbate, Streamate, and she does MFC as well... Looking to increase stats so we can increase our income. We are not in the best position at the moment. This is a new BHW account, I have used this site on and off...
  20. P

    How can I get free adult traffic?

    Hey guys, i bought a domain specifically for an adult site. I intent using it for a tube site on easyxsites. Unfortunately, easyxsites current disable building a tube site with custom domain. Now I want to use this domain as whitelabel site. The problem is am still an amatuer at this. I...
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