Expert Needed for Advise and I will pay you fot it.

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    I will start by saying that I have been a member here for over a year and always love to come back and read around threads and learn.
    I now need help and I don't pretend to get it for free like many people do here, so I am willing to pay decently to the right person who can help me with what I am trying to achive.
    I will give a little of my background, I have been involved on IM for over 3 years and I have done pretty good using Adwords, It is my full time.
    I currently have a software product that is controversial (not illegal in any way) and no company wants to accept payment for it, Paypal frozed my account and told me not to use them to sell it and other merchant account services see it as high risk so they recomend me to open an offshore merchant account but to be honest I have heard horror stories from people that have had 100s of thousands frozen or stolen by this companies and have no posibility to get them back because litigation is to expensive.
    So how can I monetize it?
    I thought may be through adults affilates programs, People get it for free for two days and then get charge from the adult Compay and I get my money from them every week, it might sound silly but that is pretty much what ewhores do to a certain extend. I can just tell the buyer that In order for them to use my software they have to be Aged verify just like ewhoring.
    If that is possible and some one knows the in and outs of it PM me and we can work a price for the help or if anyone has an out of the box idea you can PM me, you don't have to tell me the idea for obvious reasons but let me know it.
    By the way the software is about spying software and the clients are mostly from outside the US.
    I sold it for two weeks using paypal and peaple outside the US had no problem sticking their credit cards to make payment.
    I will wait for your responses.