1. chris19

    Wordpress help

    Hey guys. Am currently working on a property marketplace, but right now am at crossroads. First i will like to have a functionality for people with featured listings to be able to bump their listings. Secondly i will like have a request functionality where people can fill out a form about what...
  2. CheapestContent

    PayPal Account Problem

    My PayPal account got limited. How do I fix this?
  3. Webbyte

    Unable to add Virtual cards in facebook

    Hello BHW community members, Getting error while adding card in fb, tried multiple accounts and cards (Visa/ master both ) already but facing this issue alot since last few days. anyone else facing the error ? :( few error SS sharing below -
  4. tazarbm

    what's this error?

    Hi, First of all, mods please move this thread to the appropriate sub-forum as I couldn't figure out where it fits best. And now to my issue... over the last 2-3 weeks I got the error mentioned below a few times, and I don't know what to do with it (or if I can even do anything with it). I did...
  5. L

    Error with account

    I signed up to and on the first time I tried to log in it shows this error (translation from chinese): "Since your account has seriously violated the relevant rules of Aliwangwang, the account has been frozen." I didn't use the account even once, I tried to look around on google for...
  6. L

    proxy from instant proxy doesn't work for me

    I bought 10 proxy servers from instant proxy for my Facebook boosting. I already follow all steps to use those proxies. But it still shows " The proxy server is refusing connections". Note. The proxy servers are online.
  7. digi robot

    [HELP] Elementor Giving Me An Error

    I downloaded Elementor Pro from here and after installing it my home page is giving me this error. I can set the blog page as the home page without getting this error. but I can't set my category 'home' page as the main page. how can I solve this problem?
  8. Don't Panic

    "Our system has detected that an AdBlocker is installed in your browser" Issue

    If you are getting the above error, please try following the following process: 1. Ensure you have whitelisted us on your adblocking software for the root domain (Or disabled it!) 2. Clear your cache and cookies. 3. (if using firefox) you've checked the inbuilt...
  9. Chiku Arsen

    Was going to post another feedback and then this happened.

    Looks like this is not limited to a person as I saw a simliar one just now.
  10. S

    Looking for Help/Freelancer - For setting up Kali Linux on Windows 10

    Been trying to install Kali Linux on my Hp laptop running windows 10 version 2004 I’ve gone ahead and enabled visualization in Bio aswell as enabled the Subsystem for Linux and virtual machine with in windows features, I’ve also gone ahead and opened power shell and updated to Wsl 2 and have ran...
  11. Nw_Work

    all my whatsapp messages disappeared!! (I believe this is due to the recent update)

    I was certain I had backed up my WhatsApp on google drive as well like maybe somewhere in 7th or 8th month this year too! But what happened is I was on WhatsApp and working on my laptop and then there was like a freeze and lag on WhatsApp and looked like it was refreshing or something and then...
  12. aggin

    Malicious software and Circumventing systems Adwords Error

    Hi There ! I got quite a problem with adwords. After creating a campaign and running it for less than 24h I got the "Malicious software + Circumventing systems" Error. The account is not banned, just the ads are disabled. I have tried running someone else website for a new campaign and it...
  13. survivorghost

    Twitter Ads Missing Creative Tweets ❎❎❎

    I am trying to run ads on Twitter for the first time since I found more of my audience on Twitter than Facebook. When I create a campaign, I can't find my tweets when I reach the creative section. I search google and tried all the answers like change browser, disable adblocker... Nothing...
  14. F

    How to fix SENUKE Unhandled Error ?

    Hi guys, i'm using SENUKE and get this error. Unhandled Error Occured In Senuke. Object reference not set to an instance of an object Stack Trace: at Senuke .FormOptions.LoadIPData() at Senuke.FormOptions.OptionsForm_Load(Object sender, EventArg e) ... How to fix this, thank. Image attacted
  15. LonelyTraveller

    Navigation Page Bar Missing After Update

    Hello Black Hatters. My navigation bar is missing in chrome after the update but it appears in opera and firefox. Are these issues from my end? Thanks. Chrome Opera
  16. MrGrayHat

    Anybody else got CLS issue in Search Console?

    Hey Guys, anybody else here who has a CLS issue showen in the google search console? On Desktop google shows me CLS 0,32, and its growing day by day. i optimized my complete website and checked every CLS of each URL, and its allways perfect (0,017). I used 2-3 different tools and its proven...
  17. speedie

    Whatsapp is Glitchy Right Now

    There is a problem in Privacy settings -> Last seen. It is now automatically set to nobody. If you try Changing it to Everyone or Contacts, it will throw an error "failed to update privacy settings. I see this problem in my whatsapp. Also it will not show that your recipient is online when...
  18. Viku

    Can Some tell me what is this error and how to fix it?

    I have 12 warning in google search console named "Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt" But I don't understand what is this URL & how they appeared? Here are the URL:- Every URL has feed at last of post url.
  19. sanrox

    Adsense Crawler: Page not found

    Hi friends, I got an error on Adsense "You have ad crawler errors, which can result in lost revenue." Site is few year old and yesterday i published a new content after few month. Then got an error like this. You guys have an experience with this error ? Any suggestions please
  20. Deepesh Sharma

    IFTTT Issue with a Self-Hosted Wordpress Blog

    Greetings everyone. I'm facing a problem while connecting IFTTT to one of my Wordpress blogs. It's an Autoblog so I thought it would be better if I automate the Social Media posts as well. Well, when I add the site URL, username, and password in the IFTTT Activate Wordpress webpage, the page...
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