1. oweaponx

    A (re)-Introduction by a US Veteran.

    Hello, BHW! I'm a US Military Veteran. Find it almost hard to believe that I've been out for about 15 years. I've done a lot of things over the years, ranging from bar tending, event crew (set up and break down), virtual assistant, and mutlimedia specialist (did Power Point Presentations...
  2. R

    How much commission/equity should I give?

    Owner of a new startup here, Wanting to know how much equity or commission I should give to the following roles. Please note the equity is shares in the company, after I have given them out I cannot get them back. Commission is a percentage of company sales, this can have a timeframe e.g 5% for...
  3. rudyvise

    How i made $2.5 Million in just 3 months

    Hi Guys, Heres how i did it. Its about an opportunity that came my way that i couldn't pass up. Anyway, there were a bunch of programmers selling software services into FTSE companies. They were really bad at sales and marketing and were about as dependent on financial handouts as the...
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