1. B17zr

    What is the best options when you choose a domain name for your business?

    Hi there, i want suggestions from you guys! I'm planning to go on a journey where I will be creating a Sub-niche site in the health niche, so all the articles will be mainly focused on this sub-niche, and want to ask what it best options are when you choose a domain for your business. would...

    How much worth this EMD?

    I have .net DA 20 and 10 years aged Non dropped & No spam
  3. janer2019

    Case Study: EMD That Made Me $40,000

    Case study of How I found a keyword that was essentially a typo error with massive volume. Built over a fresh domain name that only had numbers in it. ;) We recently sold the same website via FE-International. Attached is the screenshot of escrow sold transaction summary. Let’s dig in now...
  4. homeriscool

    Outranking an EMD with another EMD Locally? Would You Bother?

    Hi all, so I'm about to target a new market locally and the #1 spot is an EMD (exact match domain). The #1 spot is a .net and I have the .com would you go for it or ditch the EMD and go for a brand name? I'm a bit concerned about driving traffic to my comptitotor who is already in #1 spot with...
  5. Hello Fello

    EMD problem

    So it's a year since i have worked on an emd. For the last one year I was continuous working on expired domains. Got an easy keyword 15 days back and made a fresh emd site with it. I put 3500+ words of homepage content (completely optimized) with 5 inner articles (completely optimized). My...
  6. BrandonAntony

    Expired domain with no backlinks

    I’m looking at using an expired domain for my next local site. Would using an expired EMD that has a lot of domain age, and no backlinks be better than using a fresh domain
  7. Sakir

    Best way of link building for EMD ?

    I just start to work on new emd and in those keywords, i want to rank there are another emd domain already ranked so which one is the Best way of link building Strategy you suggest me to get rank in low time
  8. rokot

    What should I do with my website?

    Hey everyone. I've bought an expired domain with pretty solid backlink profile, but it looks like this "bestkeyword.com". And the keyword used in domain is not the best, also I can't build a brand on such domain name... I've already posted ~20 posted an see some SERP movements and here is my...
  9. slayer9927

    Are these domains of any value? Need help.

    Hi, I purchased a few EMD (Exact match domain) due to their search volume. Before you go off, I know that Google does not assign any weight to EMDs. However, I wanted to experiment with them in my free time as I have seen few EMDs still rank on the first page with good content. Time flies and...
  10. javadth

    native domain names still works ?

    hi i found a good expired domain for my niche but its a native i meant for example :www.سیارات.com its emd related to my niche , but my concern is about i think google doesn't give enough interest to this domains what you think ? is it worth to work on it ?
  11. javadth

    local language domain or english domain name ?

    hi i wanted to start an online flowershop 2 or 3 years before local domain names was so useful but never used it again since last years what you think ? now local language domain is good or english domain names ? i see some local language domains in google top serp but its not in my category
  12. homeriscool

    Page Title on an Exact Match Domain? Best Practice?

    Hi all, so i acquired a very good EMD domain name, but im a little shaky on what page title to use? Lets say the domain is VEGASPLUMBING.COM. Should i call the website VEGAS PLUMBING or a branded name such as SPEEDYPLUMB.COM OR DIALAPLUMBER.COM ? Can you see what i mean from an SEO point of...
  13. homeriscool

    Need advice about an EMD domain name please...

    Hi all, ive come across an exact match domain name its similar to this condosforsaleflorida.com would you use a domain like that or stay away from it?
  14. mainceaft

    register full EMD or shorter one for my new domain

    Hi all , I'm trying to get back to business again with my previous niche , I pickup unique name from two word e.g SEOOlympus.com or the shorter one SEOOly.com BTW both names not taken on Google result , so what you think !
  15. fufa

    is EMD work for images website?

    Hi, I want to know is the website like Goodmorning images.com good for Adsense earning or not?Best practice to do this task.
  16. D

    EMD or Brand Domain for AZ Aff Site

    (Mods; feel free to move this to the appropriate section. As usual I’m ignorant as can be when it comes to selecting the right section.) Hello fellow BHW members. Atm I am thinking about building a new Amazon Affilate niche site. During my research I came across an EMD.com for the keyword...
  17. Backlink Database

    Does EMDs take longer to rank?

    I had a pmd a while for the same niche in a while, main keyword was ranked page 2 with just 30 profile links from fiverr. Kwfinder difficulty was easy with 165k search volume. But i swapped over to an EMD, thinking it'll give me an edge. My main keyword isn't even ranked in the top 200. It's...
  18. T

    How to use an exact match domain?

    I have my 9 year old branded website domain which sells a WordPress plugin. A few years ago I acquired an exact match domain for my keywords word1word2plugin.com How should I use this exact match domain? I think I have 2 options: 1. Rebrand my plugin with the EMD and sell on that site itself...
  19. doggysog

    Ranking an EMD

    Hey guys not new to seo but just bought my first emd and its not going very well, right now it is not even in the top 100, I wrote an article on the homepage and thats basically all the promotion I did, what do you recommend I do? FIVERR links? or what?
  20. yellowcat

    Seo for Emd Question

    If i have a site named "howtoweld.com" should i include "how to" in the post url such as. "www.howtoweld.com/how-to-get-started-welding" or would it be smarter just to have "www.howtoweld.com/get-started-welding"