1. Gamblemails

    Crypto gambling website users list discovered

    Hey everyone, Recently by mistake, i get the list of all users from one crypto casino with some useful info like user mail, number of deposits in last 3 months, and country... I notice that there are users with 500+ deposits. There is like 11k users in total I don't wanna sell the list as i...
  2. G

    Blackhat email marketing specialist needed!

    Hello searching a guy that can send about 20+k mails to inbox daily more information on telegram:
  3. hideath

    ✅ [Guide] Step by Step - Stop paying for Catchall emails - Create your own Catchall Email with minimal requirements (Gmail + Cloudflare)✅

    This can be very useful for anyone creating multiple accounts in the same platforms, You can use this for RankerX, GSA and similar tools, Typically you'll need to pay for $10+ per month to use catchall domain from a subdomain with some services, With this guide, you can use unlimited emails...
  4. hideath

    [Guide] Step by Step - Use Gmail as a catchall email + A mini script

    So, whenever you're tying to creating multiple accounts in some platform, You'll need to buy/create a shit ton of emails sometimes, But you could actually use a single Gmail account for that exact purpose without any need for more Here's what to do: Create or use a Gmail account with at least...
  5. web3venture

    (JV) Wine Leads Portugal

    We have 800 relevant leads from wine companies in Portugal, if you are interested , we can partner .contact us by pm We can share 100 free
  6. NeoPredator

    Best Scraping Solutions Ecommerce Fitness/Health Niche

    Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I'm currently on the lookout for a reliable data scraping tool or method, specifically tailored for the fitness/health niche. My intention is to collect leads and data from e-commerce businesses operating in this space, with a focus on those that...
  7. A

    Is there still any point in reselling emails?

    Hello, I've been wondering for a couple of days now: does selling emails still make sense (financially, of course)? I'm thinking about what to sell and trying to refine my possible offer. I've looked through the WTB and HAF sections to get an idea, but I'm having trouble getting my head...
  8. NeoPredator

    Resigning, 150 million Scraped Emails from Instagram

    Hey, I'm currently resigning from scraping and anything to do with Instagram as I'm moving out of the space and into real estate. I managed to scrape over 150 million emails from Instagram over the last few years, probs the majority of emails available to the public. I won't use this data...
  9. NeoPredator

    How to scrape 1-2 million instagram emails a day 2023

    Hello everyone, Many people have reached out to me for advice, I decided to create this thread and share my insights with everyone. I wanted to share some insights on how I have been able to successfully scrape over 1-2 million Instagram records a day with my own system at home. I initially...
  10. S

    Facebook private group scrap

    Hi, a little while ago here was a man who could scrap FB group emails, but now he is gone. Do we have any alternative? Thanks.
  11. wolfman1

    [WTB] Crypto influencer email list. YouTube, Instagram, possibly LinkedIn, website owners

    Hello and thanks for your time :) Can you provide email addresses of crypto influencers who have an audience? Ideally I want YouTube influencer emails, but Instagram influencers also interest me … I’m not too excited about LinkedIn leads however. Please PM with details as I cannot reply...
  12. seo_alexa002

    Buy Leads/Data/Info for Any Professionals/Business from USA, Canada, Australia , Germany ,UK, Netherland, New Zealand, UAE, Denmark, Fra...

    Buy Leads/Data/Info for Any Professionals/Business from USA, Canada, Australia , Germany ,UK, Netherland, New Zealand, UAE, Denmark, France &More Every Internet Marketer Know's the Value of Data We have Build a Custom Tool , Which Gives us Data for Specific profession/Business for a Specific...
  13. seo_alexa002

    Any Tool to Extract emails from Website/GMB??

    Can Anyone Suggest Any Tool to Extract emails from Website/GMB?? Thanks
  14. T

    Email Scripts

    Hi I'm looking for email and funnels scripts to download like templates and formulas, to help me write my own emails do you know any good source with tons of them? Thanks
  15. PremiumAds

    Give real activity to emails

    I am looking for someone who can provide software or similar to give activity to emails Basically have them send emails, recieve emails and make boring empty emails look and feel authentic
  16. flashsites

    Turboware EAC is Dead :( Any alternatives for mass email making?

    I need to make a ton of emails quickly (thousands) I used to use Turboware EAC but it's been dying and is finally dead. What Blackhat Tool are people using for mass email creation?

    [FREE] Twitter B2B, B2C Leads in this thread.

    Giving away free data endpoints for Twitter contacts. This will scan Profiles and Tweets with emails and phones. You will need to provide a keyword about industry or location. I will answer back your post with a URL like this...
  18. flashsites

    Email Service to send 15M emails

    Hi, Im in need of a recommendation for an Email service that will let me send 15M emails to a list of people for an adult related product. Any real recs? No random links please. I've had my share of time wasters :D
  19. Kimble

    Looking for Bulk Creator Emails on Twitch.

    If you can scrape twitch or have a twitch streamer emails in bulk get in touch with me.
  20. sci0n

    Looking for crypto-friendly email provider that lets me send emails via RSS?

    Just got banned from Mailchimp on an account that I've had since 2016 and never used it to spam. The site's nothing dodgy either. Same type of thing to the URL I have in profile. Mailchimp said they have a bot triggered by "certain words" and once you use them even if ur not spamming, it is too...
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