email lists

  1. Arsalan Nazar

    [JV] My Email Lists Your Traffic

    Hey i want to partnership with a person who can find me clients who need specific email lists like this We can split the amount on per sale.
  2. sony1

    [JV] My digital ebook about YouTube Monetization + Your traffic

    Hi, i have created a digital product (ebook) based on my own personally tested method for completing 1k subs and 4000 hours watchtime in 10-15 days max without spending any money. I have written the Ebook with screenshots to explain everything. I do not have much experience and traffic...
  3. Maradó-Maradó

    Pre-Launch Audience Scraping Tool Needed

    Hello everybody, So, I am trying to launch a niche website where the content will be provided by the subscribers of the website. Therefore, I need to have enough subscribers BEFORE (not after) I launch. I’m on a shoestring budget, so I can’t miss on my pre-launch marketing. I have searched...
  4. Maradó-Maradó

    Online Store Subscriber Lists

    Hello everybody, If I am posting in the wrong section, please fell free to move this thread to the correct section. Is there a way to scrape an entire subscriber email list from a specific websites/online stores? You know, when someone signs up for the newsletter their email goes into a list...
  5. D

    Mass Emailing Questions

    Hello All, I started scraping IG emails and importing the lists into Klaviyo (I know stupid) and unfortunately got banned pretty quick. I did not even know it was illegal and still pretty new to the game. I was basically sending affiliate offers via email after scraping off IG. I am pretty...
  6. loveLORD

    Let's Talk EMAIL MARETING ! <discussion>

    Hello BHW people ! I made this thread to discuss email marketing from both the technical and strategical points of view ! Email marketers really don't talk about it because it is a powerful money making method plus it is really not for anyone thus it requires shit load of IT knowledge and...
  7. NirvanaWolf

    Extract emails from your competitors or any niche Facebook group or Page

    Email Extraction service from any Facebook Group or Page I've been using extracted emails from FB groups and pages through a custom bot for a personal project, so thought of offering the service here in the marketplace. Pricing: 1k - 25k emails : $4 per 1k 25k - 50k emails : $3 per 1k 50k -...
  8. DuoDeep

    Email data needed!

    Hi! I'm looking for a partnership with someone able to provide live data.. or fresh e-mails from US. I'm able to send arround 10.000.000 emails per day. If you have junk data please don't contact me. Doesn't worth it.
  9. swagbasedgodswag

    How to scrape or buy geo-local email lists?

    I have a client who needs email lists of potential gym membership buyers in his local area. How can I scrape locals in his town who would be potential candidates to send promotional emails to? I considered scraping facebook but what are some other ways? Or if there are suppliers of these types...
  10. A

    Using FB Group scraped emails for custom audience

    I've got my 10,000 emails, has anyone done this before? Are there any risks?
  11. leftyson4

    Help Finding Owners of Large Email Lists

    Does anyone have a suggestion for finding folks who've built huge mailing lists that are targeted towards health and chronic illness vertical? Seems like there should be some kind of directory on how to find these people to offer a partnership deal. On that note, if you know of any quality...
  12. H

    Know About Effective Email Marketing

    At the point when an email is utilized for sending a business message to a gathering of individuals, then this strategy is known as email showcasing . In any case, on the off chance that you take a gander at a more extensive viewpoint, then an email which is sent to a purchaser or a potential...
  13. E

    Need some advice about email lists.

    I was thinking the other day and I believe I have a way to generate 500+ new opt-in email list subscribers every day or so. These will be highly targeted leads generated without scraping or buying other lists, all are real people and are niche targeted. How many subscribers do I need to start...
  14. alexel

    Targeted Email List - PayDay Loans

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 05/02/2016 ---- I have a huge email list from Payday loan customers, over 30k. The list contains addresses, phone number(s), first and last name. PM me if your interested in buying a few or all.
  15. M

    Business Databases Available (USA,UK,Canada,Australia)

    Hi i can provide you any of category business databases with professional emails across USA,UK,Canada,Australia .Quality is your orders and pm me for details.100% customer satisfaction. Place your orders i am available for quick response.
  16. J

    The Best Organic Mail lists in all niches

    hey there. I need mail lists in the following niches: education, weight loss and international calling service. I will buy asap if you have. Otherwise any recommedations on the same are welcome.Lets make the thread long guys.
  17. A

    Interspire Email Marketer - Security (my emails lists)

    Hi! I recently hired someone to configure a server for me and to setup Interspire Email Marketer. I never used Interspire before and want to be sure that my email lists are fully protected. Is it enough to change the password of my Interspire account to ensure that "the guy" can't access the...
  18. M

    Hi BHW

    I have been a member for a little while now and thought it time to introduce myself to everyone as I have learned alot by reading through the threads and deciphering the coments that are valuable and the ones not so valuable. I recently received my first check from amazon for a little under $500...
  19. D

    Another Scrapebox Email List Question

    OK so I know how to scrape emails, that's all well and good, but I would like to be able to make a bit of cash by selling my targeted lists on. For that I think I'm going to need to provide a bit more information than just an email, such as the company or contact name (or even both), is there...
  20. A

    Email lists needed...

    Looking for high quality email lists for marketing. Specific areas (in order of importance)... 1) Hong Kong 2) China 3) Vietnam 4) Malaysia 5) Singapore 6) Russia Many thanks, Adam
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