email automation

  1. speedie

    Mass Email Solution ☄️ SEND 10,000,000+ EMAILS ☄️PER MONTH☄️ On PRE-WARMED SMTP ☄️ Add Unlimited Domains like a PRO ⚡⚡ Full EMAIL MARKET...

    Email Marketing Solutions | where you won't need to spend a penny on third-party hosting. No need to install any complicated app. Get access to your Sender dashboard or Panel with login credentials + SMTP details with ports 25, 465, 2525, and 587. Connect your domain(s), Import your email list...
  2. Abolish

    How to Book 5+ Meetings a Day With This Cold Email System (750+ emails weekly)

    How to Build a Cold Email System that Books Meetings in 54 Easy-Peasy Steps: Procure 25 fancy secondary domains. Hustle over to set up a Google Workspace account. Bring to life 50 users in Google workspace (because two's company for every domain). Spruce up every domain's DNS settings with...
  3. C

    Get 50% Off Now! Turn your cold outreach to warm leads.

    Attention All Email Marketers: 50% off for BHW - Only $19.5 per month Discover How To Increase Your Opens, Clicks, And Conversions With Email Warm-Up and Outreach... Are the business emails you send going into your recipient’s SPAM folder? OutreachBin helps solve that problem with cutting-edge...
  4. gentishady

    [Q] Which FREE E-mail Marketing Software for Automated Emails?

    Hello guys how's a going? I created account in Mailchimp to use automated emails but I guess they are in premium version. I did setup all emails 7/8 emails but they don't go through, only the first welcome email when someone subscribes is sent and the follow-up dont. Which software I can use...
  5. MiLe31

    Who sets up SMTP?

    Howdy, Does anywhere here have experience hiring someone to set up their SMTP server and their email software (mautic, etc.)? I'm really at a loss in trying to figure it out myself. I tried to find some relevant companies online, but Google searches just send me to those email companies like...
  6. MMJason

    How to automate and time email responses?

    I am currently using HORDE as an email client because it just comes with my web hoster. Is there a way to automate email responses within HORDE or any other email software? I am not necessarily looking for an actual email marketing software... The deal is this: I have customers emailing my...
  7. beastkay

    Want to develop SMTP based email automation system. Is there anyone?

    If yes please reply on this thread or pm, let's follow the rules and talk our way here only.
  8. KJREDDY247@

    PowerMTA/ Mass mailing server setup Guidance?

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can teach me/ setting up my own mailing server or teach me at some cost. I was trying to learn these but had been unsuccessful till now, I would love to hear from some who are working on power mta+ interspire/mailwizz/mumara etc or any other with SMTP and IP...
  9. Stianos

    Sending out Cold Emails

    Hey Everyone. I have been sending out about 10-15 cold emails a day for a very legitimate service I offer online. I was wondering if there was a way to automate it to around 100 day without getting flagged as spam? For reference I am currently using outlook.
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