1. tazarbm

    Recommend me electronics affiliate network

    Hi, What options do I have for affiliate commissions in the electronics niche? More specifically in the VR / AR niche I don't work with amazon anymore, and Share-a-sale vendors have neither approved, or rejected my application for months. So I don't want to work with that network anymore...
  2. P0kem0n

    Making money at sales OFFLINE with ONLINE (BEST WAYS TO DO IT?)

    Hello BHW members, this is my first ever thread started here on BHW. Now, as a novice, I hope to get some interesting and useful insights from more experienced members in regards of my question. So, I do have some knowledge about online and offline marketing in general. Now in this part of my...
  3. UniQuE7

    Finding Dropshipper's or Connects. Any Success?

    I was looking threw google and Facebook and stumbled upon this website. https://www.salehoo.com/ I wanted to know from fellow blackhater's here, does anyone have any experience with this website? And if so how does it mainly work to order from supplier's? Have been trying to find Suppliers...
  4. P

    [Long Journey] Authority educational site about electronics

    Hello BHW users. I'm Michael, an engineer in electronic and telecommunications and SEO/SEM and monetizing hobbyist. I had started learning SEO about 2 years ago. Now with my friend, i have the site about electronics components, with electronics educational articles and news. My goal is to...
  5. RevDave

    [Journey] Exploring YouTube and Patreon

    Hi Guys, My Father, Brother and I run a YouTube Channel called Channel 42. We believe our channel is unique because we actually have no fixed niche. Instead we decided to create a conventional TV channel but on the YouTube platform. This is why we have a range of different shows on the channel...
  6. C

    What Capacity of Tubular Battery Backup do I need?

    Hi, I have these things running on, and I would like to have it running it for 2 to 3 hours in power backup. 23" Dell LED IPS Monitor 12V (3.33A) Mele Mini PC 12V (1A) Huawei Wifi Router 12V (2.0A) HP Laptop 630 18.5V (3.5A) Could someone please tell me what is the battery (ah) capacity...
  7. A

    Have GroupBuying Site for Electronics. Big Profit Margins. Need Traffic.

    Hello, I'm looking to partner with a skilled marketer that can drive traffic to my site. This is a very profitable niche with very big profit margins mainly for phones and laptops. Now is our chance to make this big. Send me message about what you can do and we can discuss the project in more...
  8. Cherryplws

    We will pay as you like to post deals for us

    We need slickdeals dealsplus etc posters urgently and seriously. Our company have lots of new promotion/deals going since we are launching new products every week. Main Business: electronic / watches / Bluetooth / kitchen utensils / tools series. Whoever has got a reputed age account, PM me at...
  9. G

    Need to hire someone to build me a website for buybacks.

    I need somebody who knows their way around website building to make me a website where people can get a quote and send me an invoice through paypal or enter their paypal info so i can pay them. It will be a buyback website where I will be buying electronics back from people. I also want it to...
  10. M

    Scammed by a Chinese Wholesaler

    Hi all, I have tried to find a good place on the forum to put this post but couldn't find one that I was sure about so if this is in the wrong place feel free to move it! Basically a few of my friends have been going through some money troubles recently (been laid off from work etc) and so...
  11. D

    Seeking Electronic Accessories Dropshippers

    Can anyone please give me any leads (preferably US or Canada based) for dropshippers of the following items: Apple accessories Logitec accessories Storage devices Wireless speaker systems Portable speakers Wireless keyboards/mouses Photography accessories Media streaming devices Wifi...
  12. R

    Ebay/amazon seller looking for authentic items to resell!

    I know these drop shippers/wholesalers are hard to come by, but i'm looking for drop shippers (preferably located in US) to resell genuine electronics/dvd's/video games/etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  13. C

    Samsung Electronics Wholesaler

    Samsung Electronics - Hi there, I have a contact who deals as close as 'direct' with samsung as one could to make good bacon. Anyone interested in samsung electronics at wholesale, Need i say more it is what it is, Enquire within.
  14. luminus

    Kindle, Nook, Ipad?

    I need the help of the readers in the room! There are very few, if any, threads about this. So what do you all use? I'm a frequent reader who is usually between 3-6 books at any given time. I also have a lot of [black and white] PDFs and ebooks to go through. What would you choose...
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