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    Hi Guys,

    My Father, Brother and I run a YouTube Channel called Channel 42. We believe our channel is unique because we actually have no fixed niche. Instead we decided to create a conventional TV channel but on the YouTube platform. This is why we have a range of different shows on the channel covering a wide variety of topics such as

    • Airsoft Reviews & Giveaways
    • Gaming Videos
    • Electronics Tutorials
    • Automotive Reviews and Build-A-Longs (Coming Soon)
    • Build a long 3D Printer show
    We currently have 164 subscribers on our channel

    Things we have so far:-
    • 164 Subscribers
    • A patreon page for our main show (currently no patreons sadly)
    • A twitter account for posting video update tweets to
    If anyone has any ideas of what we can do to help increase our views etc please do let me know!

    Rev Dave
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