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    OFFER UPTO 35%

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  2. Bozuyuk


    what programs can we use to create effects in your instagram photos?
  3. mrsmilyy

    i see this kind of video = how to do this intro ?

    hy, i just wonder of someone know how to do this intro, what is the name of this technique ? when we go from dark to light is this an effect in filmora ? what is the name ? otherwise how to do it ? see the video below : https://youtube.com/shorts/j5fSTH-CxO0?feature=share thank you
  4. shiboshy

    How did the coronavirus situation affect your business and personal life?

    I still remember the day when it all started in China and a lot of members here took it as a joke and i decided to just stay without comments and i made a simple comment that no one knows what will happen and how far it would go. Now when things look calmed, i want to see how other members here...
  5. robin222

    How long does it take for PBN links to see significant results

    After publishing and indexing multiple PBN links, how long does it take to wait for it to work? can improve keyword ranking. Will the effect be seen after 3 weeks?
  6. shiboshy

    Can this be one of the reasons BTC jumped? [MOVIE]

    What do you guys think? BTC grew by ~$3000 since this movie was released. Do you think it may be one of the reasons it grew? What would happen if propaganda movies start popping out, similar to this one. Or fake news? Does it affect Bitcoin? By the way, it's a great movie we enjoyed watching...
  7. Noah Hawryshko

    (GET) British Broadcasting Corporation Releases 16,013 Lossless Sound Effects For Free

    Download 31,572 Hours (Estimated) of Searchable Sound Effects I highly recommend downloading some (if not all) of the sound effects that BBC released for free a couple days ago, especially if you're into things like YouTube, video production, or content creation. Quick reminder that BBC can...
  8. SjacPhoto

    Homepage Links - Serp Effect Duration

    There have been studies before that described the effect of new backlinks to pages before and how long it takes to influence the positions for example in a MOZ study. In this study, they described that it takes a few weeks for new links to affect the rankings of the pages. If I built links to...
  9. I

    What is creating these social icon effects?

    Hey guys and girls I have been looking social icons a lot and have seen a lot of these designs where when you scroll over them a colour slides over them. I would really like to know how these are being done. You can see an example in the footer of https://www.seoclerk.com/ Thanks for any help...
  10. G

    Backlink not showing up or having any effect on website

    I have been using SENukeX now for a little over 2 months now, in that time I have created around 1,000 backlinks to my money site. All of those links have been sent to an indexing service; around 400 of those backlinks are indexed. When looking at my website in Yahoo site explorer it shows...
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