1. indianmojojojo

    ⚡ Buy Google and Outlook Edu emails ⚡Affordable price ⚡ Fast Delivery ⚡High-Quality ⚡Review copies ⚡Discounts and more...

    https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/buy-google-edu-emails-affordable-price-cheap-prices-fast-delivery-for-google-drive-and-another-platform.1345237/ We are reopening this thread again :) 3rd year of service If you are looking for Google or Outlook based educational emails, you have landed at...
  2. S

    I have seen these .edu sites rank very fast

    I have seen these .edu sites rank very fast. How are they creating accounts there to be able to create a page/post?
  3. M

    Edu Mail Spam

    Has anyone tried to spam (do bulk emailing) using edu emails?
  4. Chris Patrick


    Hey guys I'm currently looking for an aged domain It should be .EDU Good Budget, Not so High, Not So Low ONLY SKYPE ME https://join.skype.com/invite/j48EghspTztM Thanks
  5. 4ry4n

    [Question] Are High Authority Nofollow Backlinks specially from .edu still worth it? Should I grab them if I come across one?

    Hi people, Studying my competitors I always see the high authority backlinks that they have on comments and forums and was wondering if grabbing this nofollow backlinks would benefit me? Should I take the time to put my link where they did despite it being no-follow? I am specially interested...
  6. B

    .EDU Instagram Account - Better Results?

    I am wondering if linking my IG to a .EDU email will make it more trustworthy? more reach? Anyone have experience with this?
  7. ziko12345

    How are these people posting in .edu sites?

    In every blackhat niche you see .edu sites with pdf files ranking on top. However i dont see an option to sign up and do the same. Maybe they are legit students of that university? What do you guys think??
  8. JackTheBlack

    .edu Domain Backlinks

    What is your opinion on .edu domains? I've heard a lot of different opinions on these topics. Some ppl here on BHW are selling .edu backlinks. So I am intersted on your insight if those links are worth it. Do you think backlinks from .edu page is more valuable than backlink from a .com page...
  9. Shropdog

    Quality edu links for edu sites

    I have been hearing a lot about .edu links not being very safe lately. Is this true? Also, I have a site in the education niche so would it still be ok to build .edu links to that site? It makes sense to . Actually, what about. Gov links also these days are they unsafe too full stop or...
  10. FabioSelau

    Get backlinks .edu

    I believe one of the backlinks that people are most looking for is .edu. I created these two dorks, which serve to find .edu links that use the Moddle system. After signing up you can get the link in two ways: by placing your link on your profile or commenting / creating posts with it. I created...
  11. Niteshr

    60+ .Edu High DA PA sites

    High Quality .Edu Backlinks https://ucla.academia.edu/johnmartin http://msue.anr.msu.edu/?URL=emample.com http://biotracking.gatech.edu/User:Johnmartin7042 https://cs.byu.edu/job-posting/setup-activation-0 https://xxm.times.uh.edu/forums/users/johnmartin7042...
  12. Holzr

    A Different Approach To Scholarship Link Building

    Hi all, Today I'm going to be talking about a very simple but neat twist to scholarship link building. It's actually a very simple but very clever twist. Note:If anyone is not sure what scholarship link building is be sure to read the resources linked in my posts about 20 different link...
  13. alexel

    Registering .edu Domains For PBN

    I found some quality .edu expired domains to use for my network, but how does registering an edu domain go about?
  14. C

    Looking for fresh content for a shiny new .edu blog

    Hi all! I just started up a new blog that is less than 24 hours old and need some fresh content. The kicker is that this blog is located on a 20+ year old .edu domain. If anyone wants to send me professionally written article with image, I will publish your article on the .edu domain blog and...
  15. dennyfar

    Free .edu blogs

    Someone have an update free .edu blogs list please PM. Thanks in advance!
  16. A

    .Edu opportunity advice

    Hi All, I'm just launching a fairly long term business and I've reached out to my Almer Mater to see if they can help. They have an online magazine or publication where they feature Alums and what they are up to now. Each article talks about the new business but there aren't actually any...
  17. pm_money

    Need E.mail S.craper (LEGIT)

    Hey Guys, I need someone to s.crape me .e.d.u. e.mails from every college in the US and UK. We need legit data, not BS random name generated files... If you can do this, PM me and lets talk money. Thanks!
  18. I

    i need how to register acc google. edu cccapply.org

    i need how to register acc google. edu cccapply.org please
  19. thesam

    [EDU Authority Buzz]-Get Blog Posts from Top Level .edu sites - Highly Trusted & Powerful

    Most Powerful and Trusted .EDU Blog Posting Service No Sales graphic to claim something big, Everyone knows power of .edu links, These are not comments, profiles or wiki links, You will get full blog posts. Here is quick list: These are top level .edu blog posts, NOT .edu.xx Chinese...
  20. C

    Domain Name Hosting Company To Help Register .Edu/.Gov Domain Name

    👌 i need a webhosting company who can help register .edu/.gov domain name for a registered non-profit organization. Please, Only reputable hosting company should reply to this offer. Regard's Chuck
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