edu accounts

  1. S

    I have seen these .edu sites rank very fast

    I have seen these .edu sites rank very fast. How are they creating accounts there to be able to create a page/post?
  2. A

    Where to buy EDU email?

    I wan to buy one student email account? this edu: Where to buy it?
  3. M

    Edu Mail Spam

    Has anyone tried to spam (do bulk emailing) using edu emails?
  4. xxxisthis

    Edu mails (Europe?)

    Hey, are there also .edu mails for Europe (so with a school/university in Europe)? I only see US edu mails…
  5. elvin19

    canvas and edu accounts for submit article?

    Hi, I need some educational website accounts or canvas from HIGH DA universities sites for submit article, some people just selling edu backlink but they submit an article they selves, please share here if you know someone from marketplace or anywhere else
  6. ScarH

    How to login with .Edu Mail in Google?

    does anyone know how i can log into gmail with an edu mail need it for adwords
  7. K

    get edu email (for free)

    hi there. is there a way to get a free edu-email that you could use to signup to forums/communities on edu-domains where a edu-email is required? thanks in advance
  8. M

    need an edu email

    I need an edu email for accessing some online libraries. If you can provide pls send me domain/s first. So I can check the accessibilty of libraries.
  9. F

    [WTB] Edu emails

    [WTB] Edu emails
  10. S

    Hi, newbie here

    Hi, been a lurker for a while, but decided to join as I'm interested in edu emails.
  11. G

    EDU emails

    Looking for EDU emails Looking at 25 to 50 emails. It cant be the same domain though
  12. Wizard King


    I don't have any fancy sale thread, sorry for that. What you will get You will get 1 year of Grammarly Premium account with your own name. Proof Bonus I will create this account with an EDU email ID, so I will give that edu email access in free. Also, you will get office 365 genuine...
  13. Almighty Pull

    [Get] Unlimited Free Cloud Storage

    Hey guys, Just stumbled upon a neat little LEGIT WAY to get Unlimited Free Google Drive Storage It takes some time investment but better than paying recurring monthly payments if you're just starting out. If interested, make full use of it while you still can ;) Cheers!
  14. Kimray

    How can I build Gov and Edu Backlinks to my site?

    I want to increase my website Authority so please suggest me how I get EDU and GOV links?
  15. ARod24

    Hello everyone from the San Francisco Bay Area...

    I just wanted to stop by and say hi.. I’m 37 years and been living my who life in the Bay Area.. I’m Been a realtor since 2001 and I know this site can help me and I hope I can help everyone in here somehow or someway just please let me know how I can help. Glad to be part of this form.. thank...
  16. Master Duster

    What to do with Hundreds of EDU Email Accounts with Unlimited Google Drive and Other Perks?

    Hey fellows, I recently stumbled upon a method of acquiring .edu email accounts which comes with a lot of benefits and perks including unlimited Google Drive (5TB per file allowed), Microsoft Office 365 account and many other freebies and discounts which can save a few hundred dollars...
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