1. U

    Sweepstakes Offers

    I am running a sweepstakes offer, a good amount of conversions are coming in, but the advertiser is repeatedly turning down that offer, he may not like my traffic, I am getting 10 conversions in 60-70 clicks. I am using banner ads through my website. Please suggest me wht should i do?
  2. supercode

    Admob ecpm plunged last few days

    for my iOS games I see Admob ecpm decreased a lot for last couple days. Usually, it was $5-6 but last two days it is only $3.3-3.4 .... it is only half of usual earnings :eek: No changes in downloads, countries or something else, only ecpm plunged. I never had such low ecpm, so I am bit...
  3. A

    Very low ecpm!

    Hi all, what is hapening with FB?? The ecpm is very low, 1 month ago was 1.9 and now is you know any tricks that can increase ecpm? Do you have the same problem? It's ww or only local? Thx!
  4. K

    What is a good eCPM for an adult VR website?

    I have a website with around 1 000 000 page views per month and I was contacted by a firm offering to pay me per 1000 impressions. They offer 0.2$ per 1000 impressions and it seems very low to me but I reached a few people in the business and they say it is not that bad. I am here looking for...
  5. D

    eCPM for Countries like Italy

    Hello guys, I currently have a blog in romanian wich I monetize with facebook instant articles ( audience network ) but the eCPM is very low ( like 0.50-0.70 ). I also live in Italy from 8 years so I know the language pretty well: I was thinking to start a blog in italian and monetize it with...
  6. CuriousMe :)

    CPM vs eCPM which is best for publishers?

    The above title clearly mentions what this is about. Please also mention which ad network ru using.
  7. M

    Advice plz

    Hello, can somebody help me figure out which networks are best for CPM and which for CPA with USA-Europe grade traffic? Besides Adsense of course.
  8. Shadexpwn

    Why Split-Testing is Essential - Insider Story

    Most people come crawling around these forums posting snapshots of images documenting thousands of unique visitors not making them enough, or even getting a penny out of their methods. This is a big problem that can be resolved utilizing a dire sense of analysis and potentially avoid troubles...
  9. N

    Suggest Me Best Banner Ads Network for 371K / Month Visitor

    Hello Friends I own a New Mp3 Site, I want to monetize with Best "Banner Ads Network" which will pay better than other networks. ** Please Suggest Me Best PPC Network which have the highest eCPM Rate. * Currently i am using: 1. popads 2. infolinks Searching for Best Ads Media Network...
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