dropped domain

  1. Shropdog

    How to correctly connect a branded xpired domain to an existing website of different brand name

    I've got a website that's in the local dental niche , it has a free subdomain with good links but its sub domain is exact match for the niche and location I've just purchased an expired domain from a uk dentist that has good links but I'm wondering how I now connect that domain and link...
  2. Shropdog

    how many expired domains can be linked to a website these days

    i can imagine that in the past people have thrown loads of dropped domains at their websites, but today thats changed. How many domains can be linked to a website these days, i have a local dental site that is built on a free website builder so has a free subdomain attached, but i have found 3...
  3. Shropdog

    Expired dom with wiki links but used briefly for casino

    I have found a £1 expired domain in my niche that has relevant wikipedia links and lots of good relevant others as well as a almost 20 da metric. The domain was used last year for casino for a few months, and has a moz spam score of 38. Is it worth taking a risk with this for a local...
  4. Shropdog

    Bought a dropped domain, what should I do

    I bought a dropped domain from a very busy usa contractor that has high value customers. The company name itself with its derivatives get between 5 and 10k a month searches without any of the other keywords its ranking for. What's the best way to deal with this? Should I be nice and message...
  5. xenoxen

    [Expired1.com] Real Expiring & Expired Domains for PBN ✅ Real Websites ✅ 12+ countries ✅ 30+ stats

    QA Section: Q: Can I buy expired domain with your service? A: No. We do not sell domains – we sell software which shows you list of expired&expiring domains. You have to register them on your own. Q: Is this one-time payment? A: No – this is monthly fee. You will be charged every month...
  6. C

    Expired domains in 2018

    I've heard that expired domains have lost thier weight and I've also heard people on here saying that it is very much still working for them. I would like to hear the community's thought about the power of expired domains used in a PBN in 2018. If I were to build a small PBN for a keyword with...
  7. skeye

    [Method] Broken link building and finding dropped domains with good authority

    I recently dumped a file with 2,600 404 links on Wikipedia and another one with 190 Dropped Domains. Here's how you can find 404 links or drops relevant to your niche. 1. Get a list of authoritative websites from your niche and a list of relevant Wikipedia articles. 2. Download Netpeak Spider...
  8. sonyhp

    What shall I do with a Domain with high Authority Back link?

    Bought a domain which has a backlink from a high authority news site. I can either 301 to money site or make few pages then link to money site. But I read somewhere the 301 doesn't work anymore. Not sure what shall I do with it and how can I leverage the backlink. Does anyone know what would...
  9. skeye

    How I find potential dropped domains in my niche.

    It's quite simple, and I'm pretty sure most of you use similar methods, I'll just show you what I do. Would love to hear some feedback and advice on how I can improve the process. Step 1: get a list of domains that rank in your niche. By rank, I mean any position for some relevant keywords...
  10. Sam Green

    Dropped Domains

    Why do so many people recommend building PBNs out of dropped domains when they seem so easy for Google to target? Google can easily look at a websites WHOIS data a find the exact date a domain was dropped and re-registered. With this information Google could start just nullifying any backlinks...
  11. H

    [Question] Best thing to do with a good domain? (301 redirect or landingpage with link?)

    Hi, I often come across great dropped domains, with a good TF/CF ratio and no spammy history. I want to use those to boost the SEO of my moneysite, but what is the best way to do this? 301-redirect the domain to my moneysite, or create a landingpage for the new domain and put a link + content...
  12. A

    [HowTo] Hiding your PBN Like The Pros – And Why Doing It Wrong = Deindexing

    Hiding your PBN Like The Pros - And Why Doing It Wrong = Deindexing After working with PBNs for a while and reading all kinds of things about hiding your domains from ahrefs/majestic/moz I decided to do some research on my own and conclusively find out what is the proper way to hide your PBN...
  13. M

    Guys im freaking out i hope somebody can explain this case to me

    Hi guys im in panic mode and im in need for answers :confused: I have 2 webshops running on two different ip adresses and on the same server. Both dropped down from google top 10 to 60+ on 2 keywords (our main keywords), and 2 keywords 80+(secondairy keywords). If make a search query for site...
  14. A

    Free site for expired domains with PR?

    Hi, Gotta say I love this site and intend to start contributing once I've got past my newbie level! :confused: I am interested in buying expired domains with PR and used to get the information from Freshdrop and wp mage. Freshdrop now charge for the priviledge and WP Mage is pants so I...
  15. changky

    What exactly dropped domain is?

    if i buy a going-to-expired domain from godaddy's auction (let say an hour before they're expired and returned to the registry - cost $5 in buy now button), does it mean that I buy a dropped domain or still a normal one? :confused:
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